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The Pick and Roll has built its reputation as an independent, unbiased voice, and we do not shift our narratives to suit big brand shareholders (it’s owned by two basketball fans holding day jobs).

We’ve celebrated success with the team finding roles in basketball media, including:

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Hosting, images, filing taxes, and the countless hours of effort: none of it is free. We’ve done it for many years, and have never taken a cent. And we’ve never been funded by anyone but ourselves. Everything was built from the ground up. But all of this comes at a cost of burning ourselves out. It’s getting harder every year. 

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About us

Just like the offensive play it was named after, The Pick and Roll aims to be simple, yet effective. We’re about the wildly passionate fans. The ones who bleed green and gold. The folks who live, eat and sleep Australian basketball. Those who have nightmares about that foul in Rio, and cried tears of joy as Tokyo yielded a historical bronze, and are cheering for the next. The ones who fly the flag proudly, the ones that cheer for our boys and girls, our men and women all over the world.

We’re all about you.

The Pick and Roll was founded in 2013.

Co-founders, editors: Kein Chua, Damian Arsenis

Team: Regular writers

Branding: Tony McLachlan

Affiliated photographers: Russell Freeman, Jacob Crook, Michelle Couling, May Bailey

We are credentialed across various basketball leagues and organisations, including the NBA/WNBA, FIBA, NBL, WNBL, NBL1, and have relationships with agencies and brands in the industry.

Our vision

To be the most trusted source for all things Australian basketball and a leader in nurturing the sport across all levels.

Our mission

We are committed to providing accurate, relevant and timely coverage of Australian basketball to help promote and educate the public. We do this through providing a platform for everyone.

Since 2013, The Pick and Roll has been the springboard for budding writers to develop their talent and find opportunities.


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