SEABL Round 13: Gunners Hit a Second Straigh…

SEABL MEN For the second week in a row, the Canberra Gunners have won on a game-winning shot with the Kilsyth Cobras this round’s victim. The match was close the entire way but with 3:48 remaining, Kilsyth jumped out to a 9 point lead. The Gunners finished strong with an 11-2 run though before Dan Joyce nailed a field goal that won it with 4 seconds to go. The final score was 77-75 with Garlon Green (25 points) and Matt Staff (10 points, 12 rebounds) leading the way. Kyle Adnam (22 and 11 with 6 assists) did all he could for the Cobras but Canberra’s win places them in a group of four teams just one win outside the South Conference top four.

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