Charania: Phoenix Suns sign Jonah Bolden to 10-day contract

Jonah Bolden's found his next stop in the NBA - a brief one, that could potentially turn into something more.

According to The Athletic's Shams Charania, who broke the news on Thursday morning, Bolden will be signed to a 10-day deal with the Phoenix Suns. The forward was recently waived by the Philadelphia 76ers in a move to clear roster spot for big man Norvel Pelle.

The Suns --who also have fellow Australian Aron Baynes on their roster-- are currently experiencing depth issues on their front court, and could definitely use immediate relief. This likely means good playing minutes for Bolden, who will be one of two available big men alongside Cheick Diallo. According to Fox Sports Australia's Olgun Uluc, Bolden will be available to play against Golden State.

Frank Kaminsky suffered a patella stress fracture in early January and was ruled out indefinitely. Starring big man Deandre Ayton is still nursing an ankle injury and is doubtful for their upcoming game against the Golden State Warriors. Meanwhile, Baynes is still pending re-evaluation from a right hip contusion, and Dario Saric (ankle) has also been confirmed to be out for the Golden State game.

It's important to note that the coming All-Star break means Bolden's contract will be extended, as Uluc pointed out. Per Austin Kent's explanation: "In the event that a team doesn’t play three games in a given 10-game span, the contract is extended to cover the period and the prorated salary is adjusted accordingly. Given the nature of the NBA schedule this is rare but it does come in to play around All-Star Weekend."

A 10-day contract passes quickly, and Bolden could be extended for a second 10-day deal before they need to make a longer term decision, but there could be potential for Bolden to stay in Arizona.

The Suns do not have any exceptions available, but they do have a full-time roster spot. They currently have 16 players --including two two-way deals in Tariq Owens and Jared Harper-- and are under the luxury tax, which gives them the option to sign Bolden, if the situation works out. Suns head coach, Monty Williams likely has a familiar relationship with Bolden as well, being an assistant coach at Philadelphia last season. The current roster status also greatly improves chances of Bolden clinching that final place on the roster.