Aussies in NBA Playoffs: Bogut fights despite…

No one expected the first-seeded Golden State Warriors to head into Game 4 on a 1-2 disadvantage, fresh off back-to-back losses. And it is a battle to square the series up, away from the comfort of the Roaracle, at the Grindhouse. Against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Splash Brothers have not looked their usual selves. Curry has shot 15 of 41 combined across Games 2 and 3. Despite being hounded mercilessly by Tony Allen, Klay Thompson bounced back from a Game 2 slump (1 of 6 from deep), ending Game 3 on a respectable 61.5% shooting clip (8 of 13). The team has not been making shots, even ones that would have normally fallen, and it's a worrying sign.

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