Aussies in NBA: Joe Ingles to focus on Utah in free agency

Coming off a spectacular postseason display against the Los Angeles Clippers, Joe Ingles is likely looking to face multiple offers this summer, when free agency begins. (His brief reign as the league's best three-point shooter probably didn't hurt either.)

He's made it clear however, that the Utah Jazz are at the top of his list right now.

“I think the priority is Utah,” Ingles told Olgun Uluc of Fox Sports Australia last weekend. “I loved it there.”

He went on to talk about the extensive family support Utah has provided, which very likely checks a huge box in his list of priorities.

“As a family, we really liked the city,” Ingles commented. “What the team does for the families — which is obviously a little unknown to the outside world — looking after Renae, which they do with all of the wives and families and girlfriends, and all the significant others, is amazing.

“Obviously, I haven’t been with any other NBA teams, but the way they did that was probably second to none. It’s important for me, to know she’s looked after when we’re away for, say, 10 days.”

Having said that, Ingles has confirmed that the table is still open to offers, and that the onus lies with the Jazz to make it work. The Utah Jazz, who are expecting three key players (including star forward Gordon Hayward) to hit free agency this summer, have their work cut out for them.

“Ideally, we’ve got a chance to have everyone back, and those core pieces back,” Ingles said. “I would love all that group to be back, and have a crack to see what we can do when healthy, but, again, you just never know.

“The team’s gonna have to make some decisions on people, and things, and money, and hopefully it all works out and we’re all back there. I hope it works out, because putting that whole team together; it can be really exciting.”

Ingles is expected to head over to the US when free agency begins in July, in preparation for his next contract signing.

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