Aussies in NBA Playoffs: This could’ve been us Clippers. With love, Joe Ingles

Joe Ingles?! More like Joe WINgles!

Joe Ingles has had the game of his life today against the Los Angeles Clippers. In a crucial Game 4, with the Clippers down 1-2 in the series, Ingles was in no mood to lose this game of basketball.

He was everywhere, and simply would not be denied when it came down to the wire. Jinglin’ Joe, along with Joe Johnson (boy, oh boy is he on fire!) and Rodney Hood hit big shot, after big shot to edge out the Clippers 105-98.

Earlier in the game, disaster struck the Jazz once again when Gordon Hayward was sent home due to food poisoning after playing 9 minutes, but much like Game 1, the Jazz just wouldn’t go away and produced an inspired effort.

Ingles’ passing ability has long been talked about, but today against the Clippers it was on another level.

The Clippers defence was no match for Ingles’ passing as he led teammates to the rack and found open guys all game long.

Ingles amassed 11 assists, setting all kinds of records:

  • New career high
  • Highest by any Jazz player this season
  • Australian all-time Playoff record

His passing set the tone early and kept the Jazz in control, but down the stretch it was his three-point shooting that won the game.

Two clutch triples, first to give the Jazz a 94-90 lead with 3:24 remaining, then the DAGGER that put the Jazz up 102-94 with 58 seconds remaining, were game changers. If the Jazz go on to win this series, they will go down as series-changing triples.

There is no doubt that Ingles is a calming influence out there. He is just always under control, and even in the biggest of moments he is cool, calm and remains the same Slo-Mo Joe that we all know and love.

Ingles finished the game with 8 points, 6 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 steals and was +13 in 37 minutes of game time.

The importance of this performance from Ingles can’t be underestimated. He simply rang rings around the Clippers, and whether or not Gordon Hayward is over his illness in time for Game 5 in LA, the Jazz know they can win games of basketball with their usual stars missing.

Seeing Joe Ingles lead the Jazz to victory against the team that waived him in 2014 makes it just a little bit sweeter.

Hey Clippers, this could’ve been us.

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  1. Robert Smith


    It’s good fun to speculate how it would have turned out for Ingles with LAC. My guess is it would have been a short relationship.
    Ingles is a playmaker, defence, small volume shooter kind of guy
    In LA the playmaking comes mostly from Paul & then Griffin.
    For Jazz it is more spread around with Hill the leading assisted but half of Paul’s assists followed by Hayward.
    Ingles has had a chance to establish himself with Jazz & increase his role with a growing team. I doubt whether he would have been given the same opportunity in LA with the pressure for immediate results.
    Today Ingles had to take over Hayward’s playmaking so they ran a lot for him, high p&r’s etc, which led to the assists. Jazz went to him & he came through. Great play calling by the coach who adjusted to Hayward leaving the game. Jazz made all their shots down the stretch – Johnson, Hood, Ingles. Fun game to watch.

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