Aussies in NBA: Exum coming along

There's still some way to go before we get to see Dante Exum out on the court playing in an NBA game again, but the steady trickle of news over the past few months has painted a picture of consistent, if slow, progress. From joining the team on road trips to an official update (TM) from fellow Jazz and Boomers teammate Joe Ingles, we now come to the latest Dante sighting.

The Utah Jazz hosted the Boston Celtics, coming away with the 111-93 victory, and there was more good news in the pregame warmups. Exum was spotted going through some ball-handling drills, looking in good shape.

The plan still looks to be to bring him along slowly. There's likely no chance he plays for the Jazz this season, with his earliest reappearance on the court likely to be in the offseason Summer League.

The wait may be excruciating for the rest of us, but this long game that the Jazz are playing serves as a form of indication that they fully intend for Exum to be a big part of their future. If you value something, you're not gonna rush it and risk stuffing it up in the long-term. And this halfcourt shot he drained at a Junior Jazz event doesn't hurt the positive outlook:

Here's hoping for a stronger Dante in 2016-17!