Aussies in NBA: Joe Ingles re-signs with Jazz for $52 million deal

It's official - Joe Ingles is off the free agent market.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Ingles has reportedly signed a deal worth $52 million with the Utah Jazz for 4 years.

Update: Joe Ingles later commented that the Jazz was just like family, on his Instagram.


This is my first thought when think of the Jazz organisation. Renae & I could not be happier to be in Utah with our twins for another 4 years.

Huge thank-you to the Miller family, President Steve Starks, GM Dennis Lindsey & Coach Q. I'm excited about the our team & the future we have together.

Ingles had told Fox Sports Australia's Olgun Uluc prior to free agency, that the Jazz were priority and how their extensive family support had made it so much easier for him.

“As a family, we really liked the city,” Ingles commented. “What the team does for the families — which is obviously a little unknown to the outside world — looking after Renae, which they do with all of the wives and families and girlfriends, and all the significant others, is amazing.

“Obviously, I haven’t been with any other NBA teams, but the way they did that was probably second to none. It’s important for me, to know she’s looked after when we’re away for, say, 10 days.”

The NBA has announced the 2017/18 salary cap to be $99.093 million, with the tax level for the 2017-18 season at $119.266 million.

Ingles was a key veteran presence to the Utah Jazz's postseason run in the 2016/17 NBA season, especially in the series against the Clippers, when it felt like Ingles was the small forward the Clippers needed all along. In hindsight, Ingles might have been one of the more significant mistakes the Clippers made.

Like Hayley wrote, "This could have been us, Clippers. With love, Joe Ingles."

Ingles was initially projected as an afterthought in the Jazz's crowded roster, but made the best of his opportunities when injury gradually whittled the team's depth.

The 29 year old swingman bounced back from a disappointing shooting performance in the recent Olympics, and became one of the league's most prolific three-point shooters last season.