Aussie High School Prospects: Women

Team PnR Editor and Australian High School Basketball expert Olgun Uluc has compiled a comprehensive and exclusive listing of elite Australian High School basketball women’s talent, already on the national junior team’s radar ahead of upcoming Australian Development Camps (ADC).

If you are interested in the next wave of talented young Aussie women, this is one web page that you should bookmark!

Last updated on 5 September, 2015

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NameStateHeightPositionClubNational Program
Jasmine FORCADILLANSW5'8SGGosfordAUS U17 / 2014 ADC Invitee
Ella HELLESSEYVIC6'2PFSouthern PeninsulaAUS U19 (Oceania) / 2014 ADC Invitee / 2015 ADC Invitee
Jade JOHNSONSA5'10GForestville
Courtney MIDDAPVIC5'11GBulleen
Taylor ORTLEPPSA5'9SGNorwoodAUS U17
Georgia PINEAUVIC6'2PFMelbourneAUS U17
Alex SHARPVIC6'1SFDiamond Valley / CoEAUS U17 / AUS U19
Demi SKINNERSA6'1SFCentral DistrictsAUS U19 (Oceania) / 2015 ADC Invitee
Elizabeth TONKSNSW5'10GNorths / CoEAUS U17 (Oceania)
Eliza WESTVIC5'5PGSouthern Peninsula

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NameStateHeightPositionClubNational Program
Chloe BIBBYVIC6'1FHorshamAUS U17 / AUS U19 (Oceania)
Rebecca BLACKNSW6'3PF/CCoffs Harbour
Ellie COLLINSTAS6'0G/FCavaliers
Sarah ELSWORTHYSA5'7GYorke Valley2014 ADC Invitee / 2015 ADC Invitee
Abbey GEORGENSW6'2FGoulbourn
Chantel HORVATVIC6'2FGeelong / CoEAUS U19 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Mackenzie HOYCARDWA6'3PF/CGoldfields2014 ADC Invitee / 2015 ADC Invitee
Anneli MALEYVIC6'2G/FEltham / CoEAUS U17 / AUS U19 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Kelsey MCDERMOTTQLD5'10GMackay
Chloe MOLLOYVIC5'7GSeymour2014 ADC Invitee / 2015 ADC Invitee
Genevieve OGIERVIC6'1GShepparton2014 ADC Invitee / 2015 ADC Invitee
Maddison ROCCIVIC5'6PGWerribeeAUS U17
Morgan YAEGERSA5'9GForestvilleAUS U17

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NameStateHeightPositionClubNational Program
Rebecca ABELTAS5'7GPenguin
Cassady ANDERSONWA5'9G/FBunbury
Ella BATISHVIC6'2PFSandringhamAUS U17 Camp
Callie BOURNEACT5'10GNorths
Abby CUBILLONT5'3GDarwinAUS U17 (Oceania)
Tayla EASTWA5'5GManjimup
Eryn FISHERWA6'0FStirling
Jayden FUIAVAQLD5'10GSouthern Districts
Najvada GEORGEVIC5'7GDandenongAUS U17 (Oceania)
Tenille GRAYSA5'8GMt Gambier
Hannah LEHMANNSA5'7GForestvilleAUS U17 Camp / 2015 ADC Invitee
Ezi MAGBEGORVIC6'4CCoburgAUS U17 (Oceania) / AUS U19 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Emily MATTHEWSNSW5'10GBathurst
Brenna MCKAYSA6'1FMt Gambier
Cassidy MCLEANNSW5'11G/FNewcastleAUS U17 (Oceania) / 2015 ADC Invitee
Lara MCSPADDENNSW6'3FNewcastleAUS U17 (Oceania) / 2015 ADC Invitee
Dijana MILISICNSW6'3PFNorths
Taylor MOLETAS5'11G/FWellingtonAUS U17 (Oceania)
Rebecca PIZZEYVIC6'3PFBulleenAUS U17 (Oceania)
Kiera ROWEVIC6'0G/FBulleenAUS U17 (Oceania) / 2015 ADC Invitee
Mia SATIEWA5'9GPerry LakesAUS U17 Camp
Jasmine SIMMONSNSW5'10GMildura / CoEAUS U17 (Oceania) / 2015 ADC Invitee
Felisha SWANNT5'6GAlice Springs

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NameStateHeightPositionClubNational Program
Haylee ANDREWSQLD5'8GTownsville
Isabelle BOURNEACT6'3PF/CNorths
Lucy COCHRANEVIC6'4PF/CNunawadingAUS U17 (Oceania) / 2015 ADC Invitee
Chelsea D'ANGELOVIC5'10GTraralgonAUS U17 Camp
Miela GOODCHILDQLD5'8GSouthern Districts
Jessica MCDOWELL-WHITEQLD5'6PGSouthern Districts
Darcy REESSA6'3FForestvilleAUS U17 Camp
Rosemary SCHWEIZERACT5'8G/FGrammar
Jazmin ShelleyVIC5'6PGMoeAUS U17 (Oceania)
Samantha SIMONSSA5'11G/FForestvilleAUS U17 (Oceania)

Along with this Women’s list, we’ve also compiled an Aussie High School Prospects: Men’s list.

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