Aussie High School Prospects: Men

Team PnR Editor and Australian High School Basketball expert Olgun Uluc has compiled a comprehensive and exclusive listing of elite Australian High School basketball men’s talent, already on the national junior team’s radar ahead of upcoming Australian Development Camps (ADC).

If you are interested in the next wave of talented young Aussie men, this is one web page that you should bookmark!

Last updated on 5 September, 2015

1997 Banner
NameStateHeightPositionClubNational Program
Bol BAKVIC6'3GSt Anthony High School (US)
Kane BISHOPQLD6'5FIpswich
Austin CLARKESA6'5GCampolindo High School (US)
Michael D'AGOSTINOVIC6'5PFBlackburn
Jayden HODGSONNSW6'0PGCentral Coast / CoEAUS U17
Aron FARMERQLD6'5G/FCairns
Kieran HAYWARDNSW6'4SGNorths
Denzel KENNEDYQLD6'3G/FCairns
Bul KUOLACT6'7FWest Magpies
Sebastiano LAMONATOVIC6'8PFBlackburn
Thon MAKERNSW7'1PF/CAthlete Institute (CAN)
Timothy MOLLOY-LEIGHVIC7'0CWarragulAUS U17 Camp
Bailey MUSULINNSW6'0PGSutherland
Kouat NOINSW6'7SFMontverde Academy (US)AUS U17
Matthew OWIESVIC5'11PGMelbourneAUS U17
Mason PEATLINGVIC6'7FDandenong
Jock PERRYVIC7'1CMelbourne / CoEAUS U17 (Oceania) / 2014 ADC Invitee / 2015 ADC Invitee
Dejan VASILJEVICVIC6'1SGMelbourne / CoEAUS U17 / AUS U19
Jack WHITEVIC6'6SFTraralgon / CoEAUS U17 / AUS U19
Thomas WILSONVIC6'4GMelbourne / CoEAUS U17 / AUS U19

1998 Banner

NameStateHeightPositionClubNational Program
Myles CHERRYNSW6'7PFNewcastleAUS U17 Camp
Akol DENGSA6'5G/FWest Adelaide
Deng GAKNSW6'11PF/CBlair Academy (US)AUS U17 / AUS U19
Angus GLOVERNSW6'3GIllawarra / CoEAUS U19 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Gabe HADLEYTAS / VIC6'3SGDiamond Valley2014 ADC Invitee / 2015 ADC Invitee
Andrew FERGUSONWA6'11CLakeside / CoE2015 ADC Invitee
Harry FROLINGQLD6'10PFTownsville / CoEAUS U17 / AUS U19 (Oceania)
Cameron HEALYNSW6'3GMontverde Academy (US)
Matthew KENYONNSW6'4SGGosford
Adam LULKANSW6'7PFPenrith
Daniel MADINGWA6'9FSt Anthony High School (US)
Tendekai MACHANDOQLD5'10PGMackay
William MAGNAYQLD6'7PFNorthside / CoE
Matur MAKERNSW6'9PFAthlete Institute (CAN)
William MCDOWELL-WHITEQLD6'3GSouthern DistrictsAUS U17 (Oceania) / AUS U19 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Andrew PANAYIOTOUVIC6'7PFMelbourne
Verle WILLIAMSQLD5'5PGSouth West Metro

1999 Banner

NameStateHeightPositionClubNational Program
Mitchell BARRYVIC5'11GDandenong
Patrick BINESVIC6'2G/SFMelbourneAUS U17 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Lachlan BROWNVIC6'2GNunawading
Mate COLINAVIC6'9CMelbourne / CoEAUS U17
William COOPERACT6'4SGGinninderra
Deklan CROOKSA6'1GCentral Districts
Broderick DORANACT6'3GGrammar
Dragan ELKAZNSW6'3GBankstownAUS U17 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Tom FULLARTONQLD6'5SG/SFSunshine Coast / CoEAUS U17 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Biar GARANGSA6'4SG/SFCentral DistrictsAUS U17 Camp / 2015 ADC Invitee
Bailey GRIFFITHSVIC6'5FMelbourneAUS U17
William HOWELLNSW6'2GNewcastle
Matthew JOHNSVIC6'7PFGeelongAUS U17 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Jhonny LUTULAWA6'1PGJoondalupAUS U17 Camp / 2015 ADC Invitee
Alexander MUDRONJASA6'4PGSturtAUS U17
Jack PERRYVIC6'1GDandenong" target="_blank">Dandenong
Aidan O'CARROLLVIC6'4FEltham2015 ADC Invitee
Joel RAUCHNSW6'2GNewcastle
Koen SAPWELLSA5'11GCentral Districts
Jordan STARRSan Diego, California6'5SG/SFFoothills Christian High School (US)AUS U17
Kyle ZUNICNSW5'11GIllawarraAUS U17

2000 Banner

NameStateHeightPositionClubNational Program
Callum DALTONQLD6'8PF/CGold CoastAUS U17 Camp / 2015 ADC Invitee
Lachlan DENTNSW6'0PGIllawarraAUS U17 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Brandon FRIERENSW6'6PFIllawarra
Sam FROLINGQLD6'9PFTownsvilleAUS U17 / 2015 ADC Invitee
Kuany KUANYVIC6'6G/SFMelton
Ky MATTHEWS-HAMPTONSA6'0GEastern2015 ADC Invitee
Jai NANSCAWENVIC6'0GSouthern Peninsula

Along with this Men’s list, we’ve also compiled an Aussie High School Prospects: Women’s list.

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  1. Bob Shelton says:

    New Mexico has always loved our Aussies! They just seem to fit in and take to the laid back Southwest high desert. Thanks for the articles and thanks Australia for Hugh and Cam! And we are ready for our reload since Cam is a senior and Hugh a junior.

  2. Anthony


    Kuany Kuany
    Born 2000
    Melbourne Victoria
    Melton Basketball Association.
    I believe he should be in this.
    Outstanding player great scorer and passer, amazing defence.

  3. Adrian Gonsalek


    What about Taj Fleming from WA?

  4. Dylan


    Max Richards 6’5 F Bulleen Boomers Melbourne

  5. Stephen Roberts


    Needs an update

  6. Anthony


    Still needs an update. Over a year since it was updated.

  7. ken dothee


    Where should we go to read about young Australian talent?

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