‘Sudo Ballin’: The rise of Sudanese Australian basketball

Luol Deng with many of the talented players on hand at the 2015 South Sudanese Australian National Classic - Courtesy Helping Hoops

‘Sudo Ballin’ is a documentary short showing the rise of Sudanese Australian basketball on the world stage. Showing how basketball can help and inspire many including Sudanese refugees fleeing war.

With the explosion in the amount of Sudanese Australian basketballers playing in US colleges, professionally, and soon to be the NBA, the film shows what many go through in a quest to make it to that level.

The film includes interviews with the Miami Heat’s Luol Deng, Melbourne United’s Majok Majok, the Texas Legend’s Deng Deng, and many others.

NBA All-Star Luol Deng has helped inspire Sudanese basketballers around the world, and none more so than from Australia.

“I might be the only South Sudanese in the NBA right now, but I really believe there is going to be so many” – Luol Deng

“I met a lot of people who are more talented than me, I met a lot of people who had more advantages than me, but one thing I had was I had a fight in me and I had to believe I’m going to inspire somebody; inspire somebody and use that as a tool.”

Sudo Ballin was filmed and produced by H Productions.

You can also follow their YouTube Channel.

2016 24 Hour Shootout Helping Hoops
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  1. Reklusive


    These Sudanese ballers should be representing the Sudan.
    Not to sounds awful but they aren’t Australian and have no place representing Australia when pursuing their basketball future.
    And as a community who clearly identidy as African and Sudanese, they don’t want to play for our country, they have no interest. I’ve coached these kids, I’ve spent time with them.
    Their mentality is to take the coaching and the learning plus the ridiculous funding we offer and make it to America.
    Where our stupid population will claim them as Aussie if they succeed.
    These kids and men once together mock and make fun of other Aussie kid ballers, and don’t hang on to our teachings. They go back to trying to be black Americans.
    It’s ridiculous that we don’t give our actual Aussie kids better support purely because their not black and tall.
    Honestly basketball Australia sucks.

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