SEABL | Top 25 MVP Contenders

It’s time to take a look at the SEABL’s Most Valuable Players after two thirds of the season. Each player’s skill-set, numbers, impact on both ends, as well as team results were weighed up to determine the following order:

#1 | Craig Moller | Forward | Ballarat
Scout: Athletic. Able to play multiple positions on both ends. Improved play-maker off the dribble for himself and teammates. Legitimate three point shooter. Dominant rebounder. Draws fouls. Can struggle finishing inside sometimes – tries to jump over or through opponents.

#2 | Daniel Alexander | Power Forward / Center | Mt Gambier
Scout: Efficient scorer with range, bounce, finishing ability and decent handles for his position. Good hands and touch. Can grab a rebound and start transition. Blocks shots, rebounds and slides feet very well on defense.

#3 | Mathiang Muo | Small Forward | Hobart
Scout: High volume three point shooter. Can make jump-shots off the catch or off the dribble. Decent athlete that can draw fouls by getting something going towards the rim. Can defend more than one position. Non-passing wing.

#4 | Simon Conn | Center | Nunawading
Scout: Incredibly consistent mid and short range shooter. Good chemistry with guard teammates. Rebounder. Slow, stay at home big man on defense.

#5 | Deba George | Point Guard | Albury-Wodonga
Scout: Showman. Flamboyant and creative play-maker. High volume three point bomber. Tough shot-maker off the dribble, early and late in the shot clock. Good finisher at the rim. Turnover prone. Falls asleep off the ball on defense.

#6 | Peter Hooley | Point Guard | Ballarat
Scout: Scorer. Can really turn the jets on with the ball in hand. Races to the rim to draw fouls or finish creatively. Pull-up three point shooter. Turnover prone.

#7 | Tom Daly | Point Guard | Mt Gambier
Scout: Paint penetrating guard. Draws fouls. Plays in control. Good ball-mover. Competitor on defense. Doesn’t shoot a lot of threes.

#8 | CJ Aiken | Power Forward / Center | Bendigo
Scout: Mobile, long and slender. Runs the floor. Dunker, shot-blocker and rebounder. Wannabe stretch big who hits some of his threes and mid-rangers.

#9 |  Tom Wright | Shooting Guard | Nunawading
Scout: Versatile offensive player. Efficient shooter and scorer. Can play off the ball as a floor spacer or can handle the secondary play-making duties with ease.

#10 | Nathan Herbert | Shooting Guard / Small Forward | Geelong
Scout: Elite shooter off the catch or pulling up. Prolific from both three-point and mid-range. Smart enough to pick his spots to drive and score.

#11 | Robert Heyer | Shooting Guard / Small Forward | Hobart
 Efficient high-volume shooter. Great rebounder for his position. Versatile on defense. Ball mover. Superb role player. Not a big threat off the dribble.  

#12 | Brennan McElroy | Power Forward | Dandenong
Scout: Mobile, slides feet and gets hands on lots of balls on defense. Can play at the front of the press. Good ball-mover. Able to make a play off the bounce and change direction to avoid defenders. No range. Poor free throw shooter.

#13 | Shane McDonald | Point Guard | Nunawading
Scout: Great chemistry with teammates. Pick and roll wizard. Distributor. Pull-up three point shooter. Effective floater game. Can catch and shoot off the ball.

#14 | TJ Robinson | Center | Albury-Wodonga
Scout: Undersized. Quick first step when making a post move. Good hands, sets lots of screens, and rolls hard to finish layups at the rim. Moves feet quite well but doesn’t have the hops to block shots or dunk much.

#15 | Demarcus Gatlin | Small Forward / Shooting Guard | Geelong
Scout: Superb athlete. Elite rebounder for position. Makes plays slashing to the rim. No range on jump-shot. Poor free throw shooter. 

#16 | Dyami Starks | Shooting Guard | Bendigo
Scout: Scorer. Uses hesitation moves more than blinding quickness. Shoots a variety of jump-shots. Draws free throws. Capable distributor.

#17 | Chauncey Orr | Shooting Guard / Small Forward | Dandenong
Scout: Strong build. Gets to the rack in the half court and in transition. Below average shooter, in terms of volume, for his position. Good rebounder. Can switch a bit of defense.

#18 | Jerry Evans | Forward | Sandringham
Scout: Skinny build. Good finisher at the rim. Streaky shooter on a decent volume of shots. Can rebound and get a hand on balls around the rim for a tip. Non-passer.

#19 | Chris Whitehead | Point Guard | Hobart
Scout: Short. Goes inside and mixes it up to rebound and finish decently. Gets others involved. Can hit a short or mid-range shot. Non-shooter from three point distance.

#20 | Chris Patton | Center | Kilsyth
Scout: Offensively focused back to the basket big man. Go-to move is the hook-shot. Rebounds OK but isn’t a great rim protector. Has a noticeably indifferent attitude with teammates or referees at times.

#21 | Brad Hill | Small Forward | Mt Gambier
Scout: Versatile on both ends of the floor. Point-forward. Play-maker off the dribble. Finishes inside. Rebounds. Outside shot hasn’t fallen this season.

#22 | Lucas Barker | Point Guard | Dandenong
Scout: Stocky. Competitor on defense. Good ball-mover. Decent penetration for the score or dish. Streaky outside shooter at best.

#23 | Ethan O’Day | Center | Sandringham
Scout: Shot blocker. Plays to his limitations on offense. Posts up a bit and finishes at the rim efficiently. Non-shooter. Doesn’t get to the free throw line or pass.

#24 | Daniel Sepokas | Guard | NW Tasmania
Scout: Safe ball-handler and decent distributor. Mostly relies on his three-point jump-shot off the dribble or catch. Rebounds well for position. Poor two-point finisher. 

#25 | Ahmad Starks | Guard | NW Tasmania
Scout: Small. Score first mentality. Lots of pull-up jumpers from three and two point range. Doesn’t get many results inside the paint.

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