Red Bull Reign 3×3 tournament to be unleashed in October

Elite ballers out to prove themselves amongst Australia’s finest and toughest, now have a legitimate excuse to do so. Red Bull Reign, the 3-on-3 tournament that begun last year in the United States, has arrived Down Under, with the goal of recruiting top basketballers for their competition in October.

Unlike most 3-on-3 tournaments, Red Bull Reign aims to put contestants through a gruelling pace, forcing the winning team to play a total of 13 games in a single day, pushing teams to their utter physical and mental limits. The challenge is not without its rewards however; the total prize pool for this event is set at a handsome $10,000.

Chicago native, Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans hosted last year’s Red Bull Reign at Seward Park, IL, and the contest certainly featured a multitude of talented basketballers, along with a slam dunk contest judged by Davis.


Melbourne Red Bull Reign launch event

Red Bull Reign was launched in Australia yesterday at the North Melbourne Football Club with a trio of sportsmen: Australian Boomer (and Cavaliers guard) Matthew Dellavedova, NBL legend Lanard Copeland, and North Melbourne AFL player Todd Goldstein.

Delly was very positive about the upcoming tournament, calling the event “unreal”, and certainly sounded enthusiastic about the quality of competition.

“It’s unreal to have such an elite competition like Red Bull Reign coming to Australia for the first time. I can’t wait to see the caliber of Australian basketball talent that comes out on top this October.”

Goldstein, a long-time basketball fan, is equally enthused about October. “There’s a lot of talent here, so it should be an epic competition in October!”

Australia has always been home to a variety of sports, but basketball has remained a staple for many Australians, as far as grassroots sports are concerned. Having a high-profile tournament that seeks to feature quality basketballers on prominent stage, serves to generate awareness and interest in the sport, especially for those who prefer the loose and free atmosphere of a three-on-three competition over the structure a full-court game presents.


Lanard Copeland, the official ambassador for this tournament, is putting out the call for Australia’s best basketballers. “It’s great to be involved in Red Bull Reign,” said Copeland. “Basketball is such a popular sport internationally, and it’s events like these that will put Australia on the map; so if you’ve got the skills, get online and register now.”

“Red Bull Reign is a unique comp to showcase the basketball talent here in Australia,” said Dellavedova. “There’s so much love for the sport here, and this format will challenge all players to showcase their talent.”

Registrations are currently open via the Red Bull website, and are open only to elite male Australian basketballers, categorised as men of age 18 and above.

Qualifiers will be held in Perth on 10th October, and Sydney on 17th October. Melbourne will have its qualifiers on 24th October, with the grand final held on the same day.

Stay hungry, basketballers – championship glory awaits.


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