PnR NBA Power Rankings Week 21

The Golden State Warriors solidified their position on top of the PnR NBA Power Rankings Week 21 by sweeping all four games on their docket. There hasn’t been another team that has played consistently well as the Warriors all season long. The East’s leading Hawks have fell slightly off pace as they’ve been comfortably in first place for quite a while; they had their worst week of the season with three losses.

Every week, there are two different teams in the seven/eight position of the Eastern Conference standings. With the way Milwaukee has been slumping, there might be a new team in the sixth seed. Four games separate sixth place from eleventh place in the East. It will be exciting to watch these squads jockey for the opportunity lose in the first round of the playoffs.

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Team of the Week: Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green

The Warriors have been playing the most exciting brand of basketball in the Association since the onset of the 2014/15 season. They play at the fastest pace in the league with an average of more than one possession per game more than (Houston) the second team in that category. They orchestrate the most efficient offense in the league, scoring 109.3 points per 100 possessions. They are also tops in the NBA in defensive efficiency; at an average of 97.7 points per 100 possessions, they are one of only two teams that allow less than 100. Defense has been the main reason for this team’s success.

Draymond  Green’s name should be first mentioned in any Defensive Player Of the Year discussion. Green is the league leader Defensive Win Shares and he is also heading the Defensive Rating category. These are the same statistics that vaulted Marc Gasol to win the award, only this time you don’t have to be a stats geek to understand why Green should be considered. You see it every time he steps on the court; Green can defend every position on the court at a high level and his hustle plays gets everyone else amped up.

The Warriors solidified themselves as the Association’s best last week, their current five-game winning streak helped extend their lead in the Western Conference to seven and a half games over the second-place Memphis Grizzlies. A 19-point dismantling of the Atlanta Hawks was the highlight of the week. Steph Curry had a few Heisman worthy moments to strengthen his case for MVP award. The dubs don’t appear to be taking their foot off the gas to rest for the playoffs either.

NBA Power Rankings 2014/15 Week 21

1.  Golden State Warriors (56-13)

Last week’s position: 1

Team of the Week:  Predictable wins over the Lakers and the Knicks aside, a statement win over the East-leading Hawks represented a great week for the Dubs. “What Gives? Pac Div” by Zachary Chow

2.  Memphis Grizzlies (49-21)

Last week’s position: 4

They always have played a playoff brand of basketball. Now they’re ready to see if the moves they made in mid-season will prove fruitful when it counts.

3.  Atlanta Hawks (53-17)

Last week’s position: 2

While most of the credit goes to their starting lineup, their bench unit led by Dennis Schröder has been instrumental to their success. “The Schröder Sensation: A GIF-tastic view of his dominance” by Jack Hodgins

4.  Cleveland Cavaliers (46-26)

Last week’s position: 5

There’s the big three, then there’s the supporting cast which includes J.R. Smith, who has enjoyed remarkable space around the 3-point line this season since he’s been a member of the Cavs. They are who we thought they were.

5.  San Antonio Spurs (44-25)

Last week’s position: 6

The defending champs are methodically working their way into playoff form. In a meeting with their clones in the East last week, they provided Atlanta with a first-hand exhibit of how to do things the Spurs Way.

6.  Los Angeles Clippers (46-25)

Last week’s position: 9

Blake Griffin returned at the right time. His presence gives the offense more fluidity, a four-game winning streak reflects that. They’re going to need a healthy J-Crossover to make a real push later on.

7.  Houston Rockets (46-23)

Last week’s position: 7

Terrance Jones provided them with an extra element that they’ll have to do without for at least a week.

8.  Portland Trailblazers (44-24)

Last week’s position: 3

Currently in a four-game funk, at least they can maintain the fourth seed in the West just by winning their division.

9.  Dallas Mavericks (44-27)

Last week’s position: 8

They’ve been playing .500 ball since the All-Star break. Coach Carlisle blasted them for showing lack of effort.

10.  Oklahoma City Thunder (40-30)

Last week’s position: 10

News of Kevin Durant being shut down indefinitely might have placed a gloom on most franchises, but not this one that has Russell Westbrook playing like a character out of Space Jam.

11.  Chicago Bulls (42-29)

Last week’s position: 11

There is no letting up with this team. They will continue to fight you tooth and nail. Even with all of the injuries suffered, they’re in a battle for the third seed.

12.  Toronto Raptors (42-28)

Last week’s position: 14

Back to the third seed but Kyle Lowry is banged up heading into the stretch run. Competition for the third seed will be hotly contested until the very end.

13.  Washington Wizards (40-30)

Last week’s position: 13

After garnering Team Of the Week honors last week, you can consider going 2-2 disappointing.

14.  Phoenix Suns (38-33)

Last week’s position: 15

For here on out with this team, every game they play will be the most important of the season. They were able to discard the Pelicans, Rockets, and Mavericks. This week they see the Blazers and Thunder. Oh boy!

15.  New Orleans Pelicans (37-33)

Last week’s position: 12

Really, they’ve been the biggest beneficiaries of OKC’s injury troubles (and, to a lesser extent, Phoenix’s perplexing offseason moves). “Week in the Southwest” by Winston Zhang

16.  Miami Heat (32-37)

Last week’s position: 21

Dwyane Wade has found the fountain of youth late in the season and Miami is trying to ride his exuberance to a sixth seed, where they would avoid a first round matchup with Cleveland or Atlanta.

17.  Brooklyn Nets (29-39)

Last week’s position: 22

The Nets have had some promising times this season, but overall, they are still a team that is slowly declining.- “The Tanklantic” by Daina Coulter

18.  Milwaukee Bucks (34-36)

Last week’s position: 18

The old saying ‘if ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ could apply to the Milwaukee Bucks at present. After trading away their starting point guard Brandon Knight, who was close to All-Star selection this season, the Bucks have struggled to consolidate their playoff spot. -“Central Division Review” by Hayley Wildes

19.  Charlotte Hornets (30-38)

Last week’s position: 17

They’re now as healthy as they’ve been all season. Let’s see if they can live up to expectations.

20.  Indiana Pacers (30-39)

Last week’s position: 16

Paul George‘s long-awaited return is still on hold. And so might be Indiana’s return to the playoffs being that they failed to get a win last week.

21.  Boston Celtics (30-39)

Last week’s position: 19

Losers of three games in a row last week while they were in playoffs position. They sit a half game back of eighth right now.

22.  Utah Jazz (30-38)

Last week’s position: 20

Exum has had a mostly positive week. His confidence has looked sky-high recently, especially when it comes to shooting. “Aussies in the NBA” by Kein

23.  Sacramento Kings (24-45)

Last week’s position: 24

The Kings are now officially eliminated from the playoffs, which will provide Vivek Ranadive sufficient time to find the next Nik Stauskas. (On second thought, that may not be a great idea.) “What Gives? Pac Div” by Zachary Chow

24.  Denver Nuggets (27-44)

Last week’s position: 23

Back to losing business as usual.

25.  Orlando Magic (22-50)

Last week’s position: 25

Elfrid Payton had back to back triple doubles, he’s the first rookie to accomplish that since Antoine Walker in 1997. The analytics community is also campaigning for him to be Rookie Of the Year.

26.  Detroit Pistons (26-44)

Last week’s position: 26
One has to wonder what could have been had they not made the move for Reggie Jackson that disrupted the post Josh Smith era.

27.  Philadelphia 76ers (17-53)

Last week’s position: 28

They won two games last week. That’s a positive.

28.  Los Angeles Lakers (18-50)

Last week’s position: 27

With all due respect to Jordan Clarkson, most would figure his current stats are a figure from inflation, both in minutes and touches, rather than the norm. “What Gives? Pac Div” by Zachary Chow

29.  Minnesota Timberwolves (15-54)

Last week’s position: 29

The hope is that the kids can take something positive away from this experience and refine their games in the summer. Next season Wiggins and Levine will have gotten used to the speed.

30.  New York Knicks (14-56)

Last week’s position: 30

To simply state it: This first season of the Phil Jackson regime has been a complete disaster.

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