The Pick and Roll: Four years strong


Back in 2013, it was just four guys talking about starting a basketball website. It wasn’t anything new –tons of folks do it all the time– but somehow, it became a little bigger than the average basketball blog.

The site was named The Pick and Roll, because we wanted it to be simple, but effective. It started out with general NBA topics, but it eventually became clear if we were to grow and differentiate ourselves, our niche was definitely Aussie hoops.

The idea was to become a trusted source, if not the most trusted source for everything around Australian basketball, and while we’re nowhere near where we should be, we’re definitely headed in the right direction.

The Pick and Roll, four years later, has helped aspiring media professionals gain exposure as site contributors, and move towards their desired careers. It’s become an alternative platform for objective Aussie hoops content –some might call it citizen journalism– that’s helped bridge a gap in mainstream media coverage. No small thanks to the support and assistance from organisations like Basketball Australia and FIBA, to leagues including the NBA, NBL, WNBL, EuroLeague, CLB3x3 and teams, coaching personnel, players, corporate partners and obviously, also the fans who’ve been with us since day one.

This is nowhere near the end. This might be just us, but I like to think that The Pick and Roll has made a difference to the Australian basketball landscape.

It’s only through the ceaseless dedication from a special group of people, that’s making The Pick and Roll possible.

Again, thanks to everyone who have supported us on our journey. Let’s enjoy the best that #AussieHoops has to offer, in the days ahead.

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The Pick and Roll Team

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The Pick and Roll was founded in 2014, and continues to strive to be the best platform for you, when it comes to Australian basketball news and features.

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