[VIDEO] Once again, Matthew Dellavedova comes up big in the 4th

Back to back double figure games from Delly with 10 points in the 4th quarter, 9 of which came from 3pters, helped break what was a spirited comeback by the 76ers. The Cleveland Cavaliers running away with it in the end 97-84, Delly led all scorers off the bench with 12.

Also worth noting that all three of those 'Delly Treys' were from passes by Lebron which shows exactly how Delly can benefit playing alongside the King.

Matthew Dellavedova in the last two games has shot 71% behind the arc averaging 11.5ppg and is now 42.4% on the season.

The aura has clearly changed in the Cavs with their new and improved roster. These sorts of performances only solidify Delly's spot in this lineup.