Talking with Steph Curry about Bogut and breaking records

Reigning MVP Steph Curry took a break from splashing 3’s and breaking ankles to talk about Andrew Bogut and chasing down the record for consecutive wins.

Speaking in his global media conference today, Curry said Bogut is playing a young man again after overcoming a series of serious injuries. He also reiterated Bogut's importance to the Warriors despite the team leading the small-ball revolution.

He’s focused, for the guy who has a history of injuries, and some big, shocking injuries ones that have kept him out for a year apiece. For him to be healthy and feeling good about his game, the way his body feels. He helps us, he makes us better when he’s healthy.

Curry said the key to Bogut staving off any more serious injuries is the result of his new health kick which saw him shed 10kgs over the off-season by removing sugar from his diet.

He does some detailed stuff with his diet and workout routine over the summer he’s really proud of. I think one of them is getting rid of all the sugar in his diet.

While the Warriors are limiting Bogut's minutes to ensure he remains healthy for the playoffs, his production whilst on the court is at a career high. His per 36 stats show he is in the top two of his career in blocks, steals, rebounds and assists. He is also shooting his best ever percentage from the floor and ranking second on the team in PER.

Curry sounded as excited as any Warriors fan by Bogut's improved play as they strive for back-to-back NBA titles.

He's like a teenager out there running laps around other big men in this league. Catching lobs, playing great defense, blocking shots it’s great to see.


After the Warriors eclipsed the NBA record of consecutive wins to start the season yesterday against the Lakers, Curry said he and his teammates have spoken about reaching the all-time record winning-steak of 33.

We talk about 33, I probably talk about it more than anybody else on the team because I know about the history and just really how hard it is.

Although the Warriors have had long winning-streaks before, the fact the current record has stood for 44 years is testament to the difficultly of the task. Curry said they will focus on staying in the moment for now but if they get close the talk will likely start again.

We’ve had two 16 game winning streaks the last two years and that was a pretty special feat. For us to have to double that output, we’re going to have to play hard and hopefully close in on that record.

If we close in and get to 29, 30 games then we’ll talk about it a little bit more.

Apparently in Argentina they view LeBron James as the Cristiano Ronaldo of basketball and Curry as the Lionel Messi. When asked about the comparison Curry said he could see the similarities.

We both have a creative style, it’s about a feel when you’re on the pitch or the court. I try to do some fancy things out there with both hands, making cross-over moves and having a certain creativity and flair to my game. That’s definitely the style Messi has when he’s out there with his matches.

As Curry talked about his admiration for the soccer superstar, you couldn't help but think the same words could be used to describe Curry on a basketball court.

I love watching him play, I’m a big fan, he’s just a guy you never know what he’s going to do at any particular moment. When he’s on TV everybody’s glued in because as soon as he gets a touch or gets the ball anything could happen.