Summer League next step for our undrafted Aussies

Three Australians were in wait during the 2019 NBA draft: Matur Maker, Harry Froling and William McDowell-White. The night ended with none being called.

Is it the end of the world? Hardly.

Many other players have made it despite being undrafted, a good example being Victorian Matthew Dellavedova, who fought his way into the Cleveland Cavaliers, eked out a reputation as a gritty defensive hustler, and eventually won a championship with LeBron James.

Right now, it's on to Summer League, and multiple Australians will be in attendance. This includes Xavier Cooks, who went undrafted last year and spent his year with s.Oliver Würzburg in Europe. According to Fox Sports Australia's Olgun Uluc, Cooks will be playing with the Phoenix Suns.

According to The Age's Roy Ward, Mitch Creek, who played for the Brooklyn Nets and Minnesota Timberwolves on short-term deals last season, will very likely be back, along with Nathan Sobey.

The NBL's Liam Santamaria confirmed earlier this month, that Isaac Humphries will be playing with the Los Angeles Clippers in Summer League.

McDowell-White has reportedly locked an Exhibition 10 commitment in with the Houston Rockets.

Brian Bowen, who was on the NBL's Next Stars program with the Sydney Kings, was similarly undrafted, but has also locked in an Exhibit 10 deal with the Indiana Pacers.

2019 NBA Summer League begins 5 July 2019.