SportChamps partners with The Pick and Roll

Sports have always been intimately intertwined with healthy debate and predictions, and basketball certainly has not been an outlier in this aspect. It’s with this in mind, that we’re really pleased to be announcing our latest partnership with a likeminded community, namely SportChamps.

Much like The Pick and Roll, SportChamps is an Australian company that aims to connect with grassroots fans, but in the form of an online gaming community much like a sports tournament that includes the NBA and NBL.

Damian Arsenis of The Pick and Roll expressed his appreciation for the support provided by SportChamps to enable the continued growth of Australia’s largest, independent basketball media platform and community.

“It is great to receive support from an organisation like SportChamps to help us continue in our work to promote Australian basketball, but also our continued function as a pathway to facilitate opportunities for aspiring journalists. It is the financial support of commercial partners like SportChamps who help us pay the bills, but also help underpin our future growth, for the benefit of the sport.”

Adam Metherell, Head of Growth at SportChamps, shared his thoughts on the alignment and synergy around both communities.

“We see The Pick and Roll as the home of Australia's largest and most passionate Australian basketball fans, whether it is our national teams, the NBL, WNBL, NBA and WNBA,” Metherell said. “Like many, we think that some of the most enjoyable parts of being in a passionate community are the engagement and healthy banter around differing opinions. There are few things more fun to debate than sport.

“As a business that is keen to help grow sporting communities whilst giving players a space to back their judgement against each other [for either respect or cash], SportChamps is excited to partner with The Pick and Roll and help them continue growing the Australian basketball community to new heights.”

Proving an opportunity to “win your way” with "small outlays and big paydays”, SportChamps offers players the opportunity to bet against other like minded players in tournaments that can often be played for free. If you want to bet, you can do so in smaller amounts, albeit with big payouts on offer.

“For those who are fans of NBA or NBL fantasy and like to bet on basketball, SportChamps is a definite alternative,” Arsenis added. “Most tournaments they offer include the option to play for free. We think the SportChamps offering is unique and a more responsible form of gambling for those who choose to do so.”

SportChamps isn’t a traditional betting agency, and resembles an online game where betting is an option, not a necessity.

“If you've never given [SportChamps] a try, our product allows you to enter a tournament and back your judgement against other basketball fans to help settle the score,” added Metherell. “…think somewhere between fantasy, tipping and a normal bet. You can roll your winnings from one pick to another, climbing the leaderboard as you go."

SportChamps has already launched The Pick and Roll's NBL/NBA tournament so you can get started immediately.