Ben Simmons, potential best Aussie NBA player ever? Bogut says yes

We all know the Ben Simmons hype train is very well alive right now, and Andrew Bogut's given things a push with his latest thoughts on the LSU forward's potential career in the NBA.

Andrew Bogut was on SEN Morning Glory as a guest on their final show, and talked about a variety of recent topics, including the Golden State Warriors' undefeated run in the regular season so far, performance enhancing drugs in sports, and Melbourne's 1.1 billion payout for the cancelled East West Link project.

Here's what Bogut had to say, when asked about Ben Simmons' college season so far, and what he could mean to Australian basketball, when viewed from the NBA.

"Yes, I caught one of [Simmons'] games before this road trip, can't remember who it was against. He was playing very very well, and now it's at the point where analysts and journalists start to pick apart his game, and try to find weaknesses and critique weaknesses of his." Bogut went on to defend Simmons, presenting the LSU freshman in a realistic light. Talent might be talent, but Simmons has plenty of room to grow at his age. "I mean, he is a young kid, of course he has weaknesses that he needs to work on. But he is far ahead of the curve than any other athlete in college basketball."

Is Simmons a lock for the number one pick in the 2016 NBA draft? Bogut, himself a former number one draft pick, has no doubt on the topic, and paid a very high compliment to Simmons' potential career ahead indeed.

"[Simmons] will be the number 1 pick, he's probably the most talented guy we've had in Australian history as a young fellow that's come over here. With just his versatility, and he can do so much with the ball, off the ball, a very good passer, [and a] high IQ."

What could all of Simmons' talents equate to? The best there will be, apparently.

"When I think it's all said and done, he will be the number 1 Australian player ever to play in the NBA."

Don't forget to listen to the full episode below, and read more about Ben Simmons' top 4 NBA destinations.

And in case you missed this final moment at the SEN studio: