Should Andre Iguodala play in Australia? Bogut shoots his shot

Should Iggy head Down Under? It's a fascinating prospect to consider.

In the madness of NBA free agency today, Iguodala was traded by the Golden State Warriors to the Memphis Grizzlies along with a future first-round pick. The swingman was a salary cap casualty, sustained by the Warriors' move to sign point guard D'Angelo Russell.

Longtime teammate Andrew Bogut suggested to Iguodala on Twitter that a buyout be done, with a certain country (and team) in mind.

It's debatable whether Sydney actually is the nation's tech capital, but the potential of having a seasoned NBA veteran like Iguodala in the NBL would be tremendous, especially if he teams up with Andrew Bogut on the Sydney Kings.

Update: Iguodala obliged with the banter we all needed, and also asked if a golf membership would be included.

According to Danny Leroux of The Athletic, Iguodala cannot be re-signed by the Warriors in the coming 2019/20 season, even if he is waived by the Grizzlies. The veteran apparently had been told in advance about the potential move, if Kevin Durant moved on from the Warriors.

Bogut also made a teasing mention to Iguodala's "rag". The 2015 Finals MVP released his new memoir, titled The Sixth Man: A Memoir.

The book recounts his journey from childhood to the present, and shares stories in and out of his basketball career, especially on life in the NBA, where multiple issues ranging from race to sacrifice form part of the landscape.