SEN: Ryan Broekhoff on being unexpectedly waived, and what lies ahead

On an interview with SEN Breakfast's Garry Lyon and Tim Watson this morning, the swingman, who was recently waived from the Dallas Mavericks, discussed a variety of topics, ranging from being waived, to watching Luka Dončić up close, and more.

Broekhoff admitted that the news had come as a shock. "I'd finally started to play, started a game just over a week ago, and I thought things were tracking pretty nicely. The news caught me off guard a little, but it's the nature of business over here, things can change day to day. Unfortunately I was the one that they let go to make room, for another player, that they think will help them once the playoffs come around."

He also explained the process of being on the waiver wire, and how his pay is still guaranteed for the whole season. That status only lasts 48 hours, after which NBA teams will be allowed to pick him up on a new contract. "There are a lot of things the agent has had to explain to me, over the last 24, 48 hours and how it all works. So now, we're just waiting to see if another team is going to pick me up. Any team around the league can, as well as the option to go over to Europe, or anywhere basically."

Broekhoff, who is reportedly being approached by European club Olympiacos-- confirmed that he has been waiting for news via his agent, but is making the best of his time with the family, especially his son, given the NBA travel schedule is usually not conducive to family time.

The question of the NBL was also raised, who confirmed Australia is an option that he's been keeping an eye on, but will await the current situation before assessing further options. "I think, at some stage. The league back home in Australia is doing so well, and growing. And there are some big names that have headed back over the last couple of years, led by Andrew Bogut. It's definitely something I'm keeping an eye on, at the back of the mind, seeing what plays out over here first, and weigh up the options after that."

Broekhoff also talked about former teammate Dončić and the All-Star's transition to a new environment in the United States and subsequent maturation, as well as the grind of NBA travel and the maintain one's health despite the rough schedule.

Broekhoff, who missed last year's World Cup due to the birth of his son, said that no babies will be planned for major tournaments, and confirmed he will be available for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.