Does Perth winning hurt the NBL's progression?

Credit: NBL Media

The NBL has made an absolute truckload of progression since Larry Kestelman successfully bought the league in the second half of 2015.

A revamped logo included in a number of visual changes, marketing made a much higher priority and commercial partners now chomping at the bit to jump aboard, not to mention the Fox Sports deal which had every game live on television; the league arguably has the nation at its doorstep.

The off-court product has had the cement poured and now waiting to dry. So what about the stellar on-court product that has seen the league soar to new heights?

Credit: NBL Media

Australian and New Zealand talent started coming home to play in our domestic league, as AJ Ogilvy, Chris Goulding and Corey Webster among other star studded names are complimented by action packed imports, some of whom have stuck around for more than a single season.

Cedric Jackson, Josh Childress and Jermaine Beal stood side by side matched up against the likes of Casey Prather, Al Harrington and Jerome Randle - all of these players lighting up the competition on any given night.

Credit: NBL Media

Here we see both on and off-court products have developed excessively since the takeover in ownership; however, is there still one key aspect lacking before public interest reaches peak levels? Is one teams consistent strength, the league's weakness?

Is Perth's dominance stalling further interest levels?

Just wondering if anyone outside of Perth and NZ are actually excited to see the GF series?

— (@Andthefoulnet) February 26, 2016

@Andthefoulnet watched 75% of NBL games throughout season, haven't watched a finals game yet and not planning on watching gf series

— MG (@MGBrick) February 27, 2016

@Andthefoulnet So bored with it that I might not even watch it. It's a shame the league had an amazing year but at the end I don't even care

— Glenn Thomas (@rockabilly_kid) February 26, 2016

@Andthefoulnet not particularly- both great teams but we have seen it all before.

— Jessica (@cre8urspace) February 27, 2016

Think about it.

Perth have made the playoffs a world record 30 consecutive times and, in more recent years made the grand final four of the last six years, winning two of them.

A force to be reckoned with the Wildcats are, now standing one game away from lifting the trophy for a record seventh time in club history.

It is here in which casual fans and general observers lose interest due to a dominance in their chosen category.

Yes, passionate fans of the game will understand why they're so dominant and will continually follow the league no matter where their team finishes.

However in this day and age, sport is turning more into an entertainment event rather than an association to your chosen club. Basketball is one of the sports leading this charge, through no fault of their own - fans going to games are expecting more than just a game of basketball.

Look elsewhere, the AFL a prime example at this moment in time. Fans are making their voices heard about the dominance of Hawthorn and how 'boring' it would be if the Hawks were to win a fourth consecutive premiership.

The English Premier League always received the label of being 'predictable' because the same four or five clubs would win every year. This year is of course different, with Leicester City currently leading the charge at the top of the table, a breath of fresh air for the league and one major reason it is receiving so much coverage around the world.

The Perth Wildcats may not have won each title over the past four or five years, however three in seven including 30 straight post-season appearances is a true display of a dynasty.

Are fans bored of the same team competing for glory year after year? With the in-roads Kestelman and his team have made this season, is this the one thing slowing them down?

Perth have the opportunity to clinch their seventh franchise NBL Championship in Game 2 tomorrow night in New Zealand. For more details on the game, head to