Pain is but a concept for Aron Baynes

What do you do when you sprain an ankle?

In my case, I do the usual RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevate) and prepare to be a burden for the next couple weeks. Even going to the bathroom is a pain when your ankle's the size of a loaf of bread.

But then again, that's because I'm a mere human being. Superhumans like Aron Baynes just make themselves available to check back into a high stakes playoff game.

Oh, and play in the next game like it ain't no thang.

Say what you want about Aron Baynes, but the dude just keeps trucking along like some kind of Aussie Terminator. Specifically, the T-1000 model - the one that just heals instantly.

The Banger is relentless in other ways as well. He's built up a bit of a reputation for getting posterized...

... but seriously, this is such a form vs. function thing. Would you want your rim protector be shying away from, you know, protecting the rim, just because the Twitter mentions will get on his feelings?

Or would you rather he just does his job, potential humiliation be damned?

He'll take you down with him if he has to.

It's plain to see: pain, whether physical or mental, is just an idea to Aron Baynes. He knows of it (maybe), but he doesn't actually experience it.

The big man has a player option for next season, and although it looks like he'd prefer to stay with the Boston Celtics, he remains undecided on his plans for 2019-20.

Whether he sticks around in Boston or makes a move to fulfill his (next) championship dream, he will undoubtedly continue to be the absolute iron man he's been so far. Any contender would love to have such a fighter on their side.

You definitely want your enforcer to care so much he drop kicks a ball and slams doors when told he's got to stop practicing.

Just uh... take it easy on kids, alright Banger?