NBL1 - Offensive Players of the Year

To make this list, firstly, your team needs to have scored at a high-level with you on the floor (at least above-average), and secondly, you must have shown that your ability to create and score efficiently has played a significant role in that.

Statistics used are via HoopsDB. Players are listed in no particular order.

LUCAS BARKER (Dandenong)

The most productive traditional point-guard on this list. Barker’s Rangers own the second-best offense in the league and he finds the perfect balance between putting pressure on the defense as a scorer, and zipping passes to teammates in favourable spots. He’s physical, quick, and can be flashy, but his decision-making on when to play slow, as well as his ability to hit late-clock pull-up threes has been superb.

15.7 PTS | 6.7 AST | 2.0 OREB% | 19.1 USG% | 65.1 TS% | 55.1 3PR | 53.4 FTR

120.8 on-court ORtg | +12.4 on-off court ORtg differential.

SIMON CONN (Nunawading)

Long live the mid-range! In his age-36 season, Conn is still scoring as well as ever at center – he’s making almost two-thirds of his attempts at the rim and over half of his mid-range jumpers. His play is predictable to his teammates with his consistency as good as any player in the league.

20.0 PTS | 2.3 AST | 8.8 OREB% | 25.1 USG% | 59.6 TS% | 6.3 3PR | 24.4 FTR

122.2 on-court ORtg | +18.2 on-off court ORtg differential


Bozeman has made 20-points per game seem easy. On a better team, compared with his previous state-league seasons, he’s scaled back his volume but lifted his scoring efficiency to an elite level. Bozeman can carry a big shot-creation role as your lead guard and has the ability to score in a variety of ways.

20.4 PTS | 2.5 AST | 3.4 OREB% | 26.5 USG% | 64.9 TS% | 40.1 3PR | 46.8 FTR

115.8 on-court ORtg | +5.6 on-off court ORtg differential


The sheer size and strength of McWhorter is his stand-out trait but he’s got more to his offensive game than just bullying players of all sizes inside the paint. He has shown some impressive footwork, an ability to take bigs off the dribble, and he has touch on his jump-shot right out to the top of the arc – he’s hit a little less than half of his mid-range or three-point attempts. McWhorter has carried a big load for the Falcons.

22.7 PTS | 1.6 AST | 8.2 OREB% | 30.0 USG% | 61.8 TS% | 11.7 3PR | 31.3 FTR

110.5 on-court ORtg | +7.8 on-off court ORtg differential


A creative guard who has been the most significant reason for Hobart staying competitive and over-achieving with a young roster. Dufelmeier can really make plays off the dribble for himself or others and, despite his smaller stature, he’s managed to make two-thirds of his rim-attempts whilst also sticking jumpers from all over the floor.

18.9 PTS | 4.7 AST | 6.0 OREB% | 26.6 USG% | 61.9 TS% | 40.8 3PR | 39.1 FTR

118.1 on-court ORtg | +15.0 on-off court ORtg differential


Another player who turns 36-years old this season, and another player who continues to prove that number irrelevant. Barlow has missed some time, and has had to play a lot of center with the Sabres, but when he’s been on the floor the offense has been strong. Always a great three-point shooter, his ability to make plays off the bounce as well as pull-up from the edge of the key with regularity hasn’t hurt his awesome efficiency.

22.7 PTS | 3.7 AST | 4.2 OREB% | 28.2 USG% | 66.4 TS% | 40.4 3PR | 46.8 FTR

114.1 on-court ORtg | +14.6 on-off court ORtg differential

TOM WRIGHT (Nunawading)

Wright has been in and out of the line-up throughout the season, due to 3x3 commitments, but Nunawading’s offense goes to another level with him on the floor. Whether he’s playing as the lead-guard or if he’s playing more as a secondary creator and floor spacer, he is equally productive and efficient.

18.5 PTS | 4.1 AST | 2.7 OREB% | 23.1 USG% | 60.6 TS% | 36.0 3PR | 30.9 FTR

125.6 on-court ORtg | +16.0 on-off court ORtg differential

RAY TURNER (Bendigo)

Turner puts up counting stats like few others in the league and, despite not having the mind-blowing on-off court line-up numbers that most others do on this list, he finds a spot due to the massive load that he carries. He’s strong, a constant threat around the basket, an offensive rebounder, and he extends his range out to hit more than two mid-rangers a game to add some variety to his offense.

23.1 PTS | 2.0 AST | 14.0 OREB% | 35.6 USG% | 58.3 TS% | 4.8 3PR | 29.5 FTR

110.2 on-court ORtg | -3.4 on-off court ORtg differential

KEN-JAH BOSLEY (Albury-Wodonga)

Bosley looked like a lock to lead the league in scoring in the early part of the season as he snaked off the dribble to get inside the paint or regularly hit pull-up threes. Injury struck (and his shooting cooled off somewhat) but, together with Deba George, he has ensured that the Bandits offense hasn't lacked a creator.

22.2 PTS | 2.9 AST | 2.3 OREB% | 27.0 USG% | 57.8 TS% | 52.8 3PR | 38.8 FTR

113.5 on-court ORtg | +9.6 on-off court ORtg differential

JERRY EVANS (Ballarat)

The league’s top offense deserves some love on this list. The Miners are a deep team, with six double-digit scorers, but it’s Evans who has the biggest and most diverse role. He fills a number of gaps with his ability to do a little of everything at 6’9” – he can handle the ball, attack off the dribble, spot-up from three, as well as post-up and offensive rebound.

19.6 PTS | 1.8 AST | 7.7 OREB% | 29.8 USG% | 55.9 TS% | 43.3 3PR | 45.5 FTR

118.8 on-court ORtg | -5.3 on-off court ORtg differential

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