NBL: 'Trigger' on reaching 300 NBL games

Veteran forward Cameron Tragardh tonight clocked up a major milestone in taking to the court against the Adelaide 36ers - he reached 300 NBL games.

Tragardh broke through for his NBL debut with the Townsville Crocs way back in 2004. Since then he has played for Brisbane, where he won a title in 2007, before moving onto Wollongong and Melbourne - clubs for which he really elevated his game to his a new level. He has been a Taipan since 2013, and it was ahead of the Adelaide 36ers game that #TeamPnR's Liam Flynn caught up with 'Trigger' to discuss his journey to 300 games.

"It's been a massive journey. I remember starting as a 19 year old in Townsville. [My] first game was a 'Reptile Rumble' and I only got on for 2 minutes, but I didn't care as I had the best seat in the house." - Cameron Tragardh

However Tragardh acknowledged his start to his NBL was not all smooth sailing.

"I was cut from Townsville, and then I was cut from Brisbane. So the first two clubs that I played for were sort of thanks, but no thanks."

Listen to the full insightful interview here: