NBL Regular Season Leading Scorers by Area

With the conclusion of the regular season, I took a look at the leading scorers (and best field goal percentages) from each area of the floor. Dropping off the mid-season graphic were Jarrod Kenny (left corner), Tom Abercrombie (both mid-range spots below the free throw line) and Clint Steindl (right wing three).

2015-16 Reg Season - Leading Scorers by Area

AJ Ogilvy was slowed down a little in the second half of the season and closed out the last eleven games shooting only 56.5% in the restricted area but he came out on top with Charles Jackson's minutes being more limited. Jordair Jett was even more aggressive as the season went on (good enough to win the Crocs MVP) and he finished at 57.8% inside the paint and 26.1% outside of the paint.

Jerome Randle continued to be close to unstoppable out of the pick and roll and one reason was his jumper just inside the arc. Corey Webster's mid-range game is as good as any so it was no surprise to see him work his way on there after missing the start of the season. Tom Garlepp was a big improver last season and he posted similar all round numbers this season but at a more efficient clip.

Over 60% of Stephen Holt's threes were from the left wing, whilst nothing appears to have changed with Kirk Penney as he finished the regular season with shooting marks of 44.1%, 45.9%, 62.5% and 60.0% from the four main three point spots on the floor. Jermaine Beal had a streaky shooting season but hit 52.2% from the corners compared with his below par 31.8% from above the break.

Points Scored by Area Restricted Area Non Restricted Area Mid-Range Above the Corner 3 Corner 3 AJ Ogilvy 220 Jordair Jett 110 Jerome Randle 134 Chris Goulding 222 Kirk Penney 42 Charles Jackson 200 Tom Garlepp 86 Corey Webster 114 Kirk Penney 207 Jermaine Beal 36 Nate Jawai 180 Jerome Randle 80 Tom Garlepp 98 Corey Webster 204 Clint Steindl 33 Matt Knight 172 Cam Tragardh 78 Tom Abercrombie 92 Stephen Holt 198 Todd Blanchfield 33 Daniel Johnson 164 Nicholas Kay 78 Kevin Lisch 84 Jason Cadee 174 Cam Gliddon 30 Jordair Jett 150 Daniel Kickert 72 Markel Starks 84 Kevin Lisch 168 Oscar Forman 27 Casey Prather 142 Tai Wesley 66 Kirk Penney 74 Daniel Kickert 162 Jarrod Kenny 27 Hakim Warrick 120 Anthony Petrie 64 Chris Goulding 68 Cam Gliddon 159 Ebi Ere 24 Tom Jervis 120 Markel Starks 62 Clint Steindl 56 Clint Steindl 147 Chris Goulding 21 Nicholas Kay 118 AJ Ogilvy 60 AJ Ogilvy 56 Jermaine Beal 141 Nate Tomlinson 21 Best FG% by Area Minimum 50 Attempts Minimum 15 Attempts Restricted Area Non Restricted Area Mid-Range Above the Corner 3 Corner 3 Angus Brandt 78.2 Daniel Kickert 54.5 Kevin Lisch 52.5 Daniel Kickert 45.8 Kirk Penney 60.9 Cam Gliddon 75.9 Tom Garlepp 54.4 Daniel Kickert 50.0 Kirk Penney 45.1 Jermaine Beal 52.2 Mitch Creek 74.3 Markel Starks 53.4 Jerome Randle 49.3 Kevin Lisch 44.1 Clint Steindl 47.8 Charles Jackson 73.5 Jerome Randle 50.6 Corey Webster 47.1 Everard Bartlett 41.9 Chris Goulding 46.7 Hakim Warrick 73.2 Jordair Jett 50.0 Tom Abercrombie 46.9 Stephen Holt 41.0 Oscar Forman 42.9 Torrey Craig 73.0 Cam Tragardh 48.1 Tom Garlepp 45.8 Cam Gliddon 38.7 Todd Blanchfield 42.3 Kevin Lisch 71.4 Kevin Lisch 48.0 Chris Goulding 44.7 Shawn Redhage 38.2 Cam Gliddon 40.0 Nicholas Kay 69.4 Jason Cadee 48.0 Clint Steindl 44.4 Clint Steindl 37.7 Tom Abercrombie 40.0 Daniel Johnson 68.9 Julian Khazzouh 44.1 Markel Starks 44.2 Adam Gibson 37.3 Stephen Weigh 37.5 AJ Ogilvy 68.8 Angus Brandt 43.3 AJ Ogilvy 43.8 Oscar Forman 36.9 Jarrod Kenny 36.0

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