NBL Pre-Season Top 25 Players | 5-1

It’s the NBL phenomenon that’s currently doing the rounds on Twitter! Going via the hashtag #PnRNBL25, The Pick and Roll’s Steve Chalmers (with the aid of the NBL editorial team) has finalised a loose list of the top 25 players entering into the start of the 2017/18 NBL season.

In the final article of this five piece series, we take a look at players ranked 5 to 1. Want your say? Head to Twitter (@cp_chalmers) and make your claim!

NBL Pre-Season Rankings 21 to 25

NBL Pre-Season Rankings 20-16

NBL Pre-Season Rankings 15-11

NBL Pre-Season Rankings 10-6

As an aside, I'd personally like to thank all of those who followed the thread and also look forward to revisiting and re-making the list at the END of the season!