NBL: Marcus Thornton talks to Triple Double Records

Sydney Kings guard Marcus Thornton, drafted by the Boston Celtics in the 2015 NBA draft, recently caught up with Triple Double Records to talk all things basketball, but with a unique spin.

The man behind Triple Double Records, Rod Ladgrove, explains what the concept is all about; to "interview elite sportspeople and spin it together with their favourite music".

Thornton's musical choice was DC/Baltimore Hip Hop, inspired by his upbringing in that part of the world. To say the music helped create a new and very distinctive product would be an understatement. It gives the listener an insight into the person, as opposed to the athlete we see on the court.

Thornton has had an interesting debut season as a professional basketballer, to say the least. His Kings are on the bottom of the NBL ladder and he has struggled to find his groove in the league. Having said that, he produced back-to-back games of scoring over 25 points in early November. He is currently averaging 12.4 points, 2.6 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game.

In what was an extremely insightful interview, made even better by the music, Thornton shares his thoughts on being drafted by the Boston Celtics, his time spent with Kevin Durant and much more.

Draft night

Talking about the moment that every basketball player dreams of, hearing your name being called on NBA draft night, Thornton had a different way of biding his time during a stressful couple of hours.

"[It was a] very exciting day. I was not at the actual draft, I was at home and for me I really didn't want to watch it to be honest. I was discussing with my parents and it was kind of 50/50 as far as if I get picked or not, I felt pretty good about it but anything can happen. I was watching Netflix, minding my own business and took it as it is what it is and what ever happens happens attitude to it and was fortunate enough to be drafted by the Celtics.

It was a surreal experience, and definitely grateful for it."

Kevin Durant's influence

Growing up in the same area as Kevin Durant proved to serve a source of inspiration for Thornton as he looked to get his name out there.

"He's actually from PG County as well, so I obviously heard a lot about him while I was playing and just being from that same area I ran into him at the gym a couple of times. Early on he was in the league and that's obviously a great experience to play with him and to see his growth.

It's impressive to see that growth and to see people follow through with it"

The interview, which can be heard in full below, offers something new and very different to the conventional back and forth interview. Combining Music and hoops talk is a great concept and Triple Double Records has pulled it off.