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This weekly column is produced by Dean Zardo and Steve Chalmers

Round Two of the fresh NBL season is in the books and your fantasy team couldn't be anywhere near how successful it was in the seasons gone by. While many were predicting that it would be slightly tougher with the injection of a new franchise which allowed a broader scope of players to pick from, no one could have predicted the schedule that lobbed which has made the first three to four rounds so important as to where this competition will be won!

This past weekend we went from the fantastic Bullets to the puzzling Illawarra line-up (again). Before both the Kings and Phoenix ran amuck only to see the Hawks hit back with a bang. What does it mean for our fantasy teams? Well find out below

The Brooks file

We pencilled in the Hawks as a unique situation in our first column, asking the question what they were going to do with rotations. Well, after two rounds that question is yet to be answered!

What were they thinking with Aaron Brooks on Friday night? A total of 15 minutes off the bench, with every player that travelled logging double figure minutes. Yes, it was a blow out of sorts by the end of the game, but things like this certainly don't help your fantasy squad.

Thankfully for Brooks owners, he bounced back with a positive first half against the Snakes, before providing the game winning assist for AJ Ogilvy's clutch free throw.

Can we get a New Bill passed for communication?

Injuries suck. We know.

But when you have no idea they're even there? That's even worse!

I gave props to the Kings on Twitter this past week who were pretty transparent in informing patrons (and more importantly NBL Fantasy owners) in regards to Didi Louzada's status after not coming up too well this week and had the potential to miss Saturday night's contest.


Sure enough, he didn't play.

But what about Far North Queensland's injury concerns?

DJ Newbill sat on the pine for Cairns' contest against the Bullets, however it was only after the game we were informed of his shoulder complaint. In fact, not even the clubs communications team were aware.


Fortunately for his owners, he balled out on Monday night to the tune of 26 points, three rebounds and four assists, saving any sort of catastrophic week.

Each week we'll highlight a number of players from the past week or identify a player you can keep your eye on going forward in a number of different categories (which you'll find below).

The Stars

Scott Machado- Cairns Taipans

He's the second Taipan in as many weeks to fill The Stars slot and when you can dish out double digit assists in an NBL game there's very good reason as to why they're here. 53 Fantasy Points (FP) against the Bullets (16pts, 10ast) backed up by 41 (14pts, 6ast) shows good signs that he's a consistent performer.

The Value

Will Magnay - Brisbane Bullets

There were a few owners disappointed that Magnay wasn't right to go in Round 1 and were forced to quickly switch out their back-up centre plans, however his season debut in Round 2 showed what many owners thought he was capable of.

After Matt Hodgson went 7-7FG on Friday night, he was forced to view the Bullets' second game from the sidelines for the majority (9min) as Magnay (18min) put on such a solid display it forced coach Andrej Lemanis to leave him out there.



Pressure Cooker

Cameron Gliddon - Brisbane Bullets

As it currently stands, I've already pencilled in the Bullets to be a very high calibre side this season who will be right up there to contend for a title.

They have a real nice look about them which is lead by their depth in most areas. The thing with that is when it comes to NBL Fantasy, that's not the best place to look when you want to find stars!

Gliddon is a top player, but at his price point it's a little muddling when you're trying to find out where he sits in the system. Lamar Patterson and Nathan Sobey command the ball a lot, before guys like Matt Hodgson can do their work cleaning the glass. Gliddon doesn't necessarily need the ball in his hands to be effective, but you do when it comes to fantasy.

Never Again

Still leaving this one dry for now, it certainly won't be used every week but when it does get used - boy will it lash out! We'll keep this one up our sleeve when required.

Injury List

IllawarraJosh BooneNose - TBCMelbourneDavid BarlowThumb - Expected to PlayCasey PratherKnee - 1 to 2 weeksSam McDanielAnkle - Expected to PlayNew ZealandFinn DelanyFoot - 2 to 3 weeksPerthWani Swaka Lo BulukAnkle - UnknownSouth East MelbourneTerry ArmstrongFoot - TBCTai Wesley Hamstring - 2 to 5 weeksSydneyDidi LouzadaBack Soreness - TestAndrew BogutBack - Game Time DecisionKevin LischAnkle - 2 weeks

The Tweets

We see you! Anything that catches our eye, we'll attempt to share with all of our readers.



The Summary

So, you've come here for a reason haven't you? Who do you bring in for the next round? Let's make it simple, below are a few names (at different levels) who you can target:

Doubles in Round 3: Adelaide, Illawarra, New Zealand, Perth, Sydney

PG: Lamelo Ball (Illawarra) $0.95m

PG: RJ Hampton (New Zealand) $0.85m

SG: Bryce Cotton (Perth) $1.57m

SG/SF: Terrico White (Perth) $1.23m

PF: Nick Kay (Perth) $2.09m

PF: Obi Kyei (Adelaide) $0.25m

Now for those you should be keen to oppose:

SG/SF: Cameron Gliddon (Brisbane) $1.30m

PF: Finn Delany (New Zealand) $0.71m - Only due to the risk of his injury not having come good for Round 3.

SF: Lamar Patterson (Brisbane) $1.67m - Time to move him on to make room for some other premium players.


Over the course of the week, we'll do our best to answer a number of questions on here each week. Throw up your question using #NBLFantasy or by tweeting one of us @cp_chalmers and @dean_zardo.





Ok so a lot of the questions are shaped around NZ and how they're coming into a massive load of doubles. Who you can target from the Breakers could differ for those in different needs.

RJ Hampton is arguably the most obvious choice and you can combine him with LaMelo Ball in your PG position as they are two key cheap 'Next Stars'. Don't stress too much on Hampton's NBA venture. He showed great signs without putting together a complete game that would translate to top fantasy points.

When you look at the bigs, feel Rob Loe could be a guy who takes it up another notch this season as long as their head coach (or coaching development manger or whatever they like to call him over there these days) gives him his deserved minutes. Finn Delany showed real progression at the backend of last season but currently sits on the sidelines with a foot injury - no real news on that either.

Corey Webster has already shown his intent that this is his redemption year so he could finally propel himself back up the charts and re-enter the Top 10 player argument.


Scotty Hopson has upside and there's no one shying you away from picking him up to fill that position.

As for Didi Louzada, boy we'd really hope he sees some court time in Round 3 or he's been a real let down over the opening few weeks. Only time will tell I guess!

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