NBL Fantasy | Hopson has owners feeling the (B)Louz

This weekly column is produced by Dean Zardo and Steve Chalmers

The NBL season is making a habit of this already. Injuries continue to derail fantasy seasons week in, week out and after just five rounds of competition, the league has seen multiple superstars and key role players spend more time on the sidelines than the hardwood.

Scotty Hopson and Didi Louzada make their way onto the injury list (which you can find below, each and every week) and sent fantasy chat into meltdown. Hopson managed just 11:30min over New Zealand's two games this past week, while Louzada sat out the Kings' second half against United on Monday night.

Schedule nightmare

We know our readers are smart cookies! You have already had a peek at what's to come in terms of the schedule and that's nearly provided a heart attack!

It's a tough patch of fixtures we're heading into. This week Melbourne and New Zealand finish their lovely run, while Sydney are the only other team to play twice. Then it hits you hard in the face with Adelaide, Perth and South East Melbourne on doubles next week, before the Sixers become the only team to play four times in the next three weeks.

What do you do? Build your squad for this week, build it for next week?

We're suggesting play your cards evenly.

If you need a starting player that plays twice this week, trade them in. After that, use your second trade for the future. However, if you have a STACK of Melbourne/New Zealand players in your squad, use both trades to prepare for later as you probably have enough ammunition for R6.

All is not o-Kay

Major damage control is required for owners with Nick Kay involved in their respective sides, with the star Power Forward polling just 55 fpoints across two games. He went down the maximum $100,000 however can redeem himself to the 27% of owners who will require a major outburst over the next fortnight. For those without him, he just became that little bit cheaper to swoop in and grab for Round Seven.



The Stars

Corey Webster - New Zealand Breakers

It helped that his star teammate went down which therefore forced his usage rate to skyrocket, however Corey Webster's trajectory was heading in the right direction prior to that incident anyway.

Webster looks to be hitting his straps this season after a tumultuous pre-season amid rumours. He's quickly put that in the rear view mirror and is making the most of his time at home.


The Value

Shaun Bruce - Sydney Kings

It couldn't have been anyone else this week, and what better time to signify your value than right before you are hitting a double in a fortnight's time.

For owners who are in need of a downgrade option, Bruce can slide onto your bench this week and then plays twice the following week to make his ownership even larger.

A free-agent for most of last season only to be signed at the back-end of the campaign thanks to an injury replacement contract being forthcoming, Bruce has wasted little time bearing fruit to the Sydney Kings who offered him a full-time gig.

At just $529,000 (now), Bruce compiled 63 fpoints in Round Five and will continue to be an important cog in the table-topping Kings' roster.



Pressure Cooker

Jo Lual-Acuil - Melbourne United

One of the better bargain basement players to kickstart the year with, his luck on NBL Fantasy squads may just be running out. Having made his money, Acuil has reached his ceiling and, to add to that, head coach Dean Vickerman decided to keep him on the pine for all bar three minutes in Melbourne's Monday night encounter.

Never Again

None This Week.

We're back to leaving this one dry. When will you see it again? Nobody knows.

Injury List

IllawarraAaron BrooksAchilles - SeasonMelbourneCasey PratherKnee - Will PlayNew ZealandFinn DelanyFoot - 1 weekRob LoeSkull - IndefiniteScotty HopsonKnee - IndefinitePerthWani Swaka Lo BulukAnkle - IndefiniteSouth East MelbourneTai WesleyHamstring - 1 to 3 weeksSydneyKevin LischAnkle - 6 weeks (~R10)Didi LouzadaLower back - Unknown

The Tweets

We see you! Anything that catches our eye, we'll attempt to share with all of our readers.





The Summary

So, you've come here for a reason haven't you? Who do you bring in for the next round? Let's make it simple, below are a few names (at different levels) who you can target:

Doubles in Round 6: MELB, NZ, SYD

PG: Shaun Bruce (Sydney) $0.59m

SG: Corey Webster (New Zealand) $1.11m

SG/SF: Anthony Drmic (Adelaide) $1.15m

C: Brandon Ashley (New Zealand) $1.16m

Now for those you should be keen to oppose:

There will be a stack of teams that own both Scotty Hopson and Didi Louzada so it looks to be an easy outlet for players that are on the outer.


Over the course of the week, we'll do our best to answer a number of questions on here each week. Throw up your question using #NBLFantasy or by tweeting one of us @cp_chalmers and @dean_zardo.


We wish!


Great little poll going on here! Looking for the now and don't have to worry about later, Tate is your guy for Round Six. Want to plan ahead for the short term, go and grab Anthony Drmic. Shy away from Mitch Creek for the moment, there will be some brave souls who use two trades to get him in and out for Phoenix's solo double (especially after the last time that occurred!) and Goulding's run comes to an end this weekend.

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