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Round three in the books and those who were sweatin' on the arrival of the reigning most valuable player were rewarded with a pair of big, big games. Andrew Bogut arrived after taking a couple of weeks off for some well earned R&R after a FIBA World Cup campaign over the off-season and for the Kings it didn't matter because they're winning games in the right way.

While Bogut dominated against the Breakers, Nick Kay made a ton off his double header before both Daniel Johnson and Aaron Brooks flirted with it after their Monday night performances.

On the flip side, Casper Ware's owners weren't too pleased when he couldn't hit the side of a barn from deep in the weekend's opener in what could have been a monster score for the Kings point guard. On the flip side, New Zealand's starting point guard and Next Star RJ Hampton looks like he'll be a first half delight this season after playing minimal minutes in the latter parts of the game.

Bogus first couple of weeks

Fools gold! Andrew Bogut cruised through the first two weeks as the Kings were successful in winning both times they took to the court. After playing minimal minutes and having a low effect on their encounters, Bogut was close to being back to his best in two triumphs over New Zealand.

Big rebounding and block games are the key factors which see the Kings' centre go big in the fantasy world, as you know what you can expect from him from the points, assists and shooting efficiency columns.

Is this the springboard for both Sydney and Bogut to stay undefeated for some time?

Round Four

When you look towards the short term future, your eyes may light up when looking at how many games and how many teams play twice in round four. Don't get yourself sucked into just one round of games being played where you're stacking your team with the best possible players playing doubles.

There will absolutely be some big scores on offer this coming weekend, however you have to make sure that your team is future proof and the sustainability is there for games later on down the track.

With SEVEN teams playing twice, it can be quite easy to have 11 players on the double. But be wary, the Phoenix, Illawarra, Cairns and Adelaide all have 2+ single rounds directly proceeding. Choose wisely!

Each week we'll highlight a number of players from the past week or identify a player you can keep your eye on going forward in a number of different categories (which you'll find below).

The Stars

John Roberson - South East Melbourne Phoenix

We were quick to pot Roberson as he started to look like a one trick pony, however when you're super consistent at shooting the three-ball you may as well live by it. The more impressive part of his game however, is how he can get his teammates involved at the same time.

The 5'11'' guard recorded his first NBL double double on the weekend, notching his 26 points to go alongside 10 assists - not a sight you often see in this competition!

Simon Mitchell has his lads firing on all cylinders at this points and we're sure to see a dip in production - it's just how big or small a fall that may be!

The Value

Sam Froling - Illawarra Hawks

Would have said he just edged out Jack McVeigh from the Sixers for this week's value slot has Sam Froling after delivering in game one minus Josh Boone. His 21 fpoints were a solid sign for Froling owners however what was to come was even better!

Boone returned for their home stint against the Sixers, yet Froling delivered with a season high 37 fpoints and a maximum price upgrade!

Pressure Cooker

Clint Steindl - Perth Wildcats

This one is a year-on-year selection. There's been some hype about Clint Steindl finally breaking out and that the Perth Wildcats was his perfect place to do it.

Are we still waiting for that time? 11 fpoints on average so far this season

Never Again

Still leaving this one dry for now, it certainly won't be used every week but when it does get used - boy will it lash out! We'll keep this one up our sleeve when required.

Injury List

MelbourneCasey PratherKnee - 1 weekNew ZealandFinn DelanyFoot - 1 to 2 weeksPerthWani Swaka Lo BulukAnkle - UnknownSouth East MelbourneTerry ArmstrongFoot - TBCTai Wesley Hamstring - 2 to 4 weeksSydneyKevin LischAnkle - 2 months (~R10)

The Tweets

We see you! Anything that catches our eye, we'll attempt to share with all of our readers.




The Summary

So, you've come here for a reason haven't you? Who do you bring in for the next round? Let's make it simple, below are a few names (at different levels) who you can target:

Doubles in Round 4: ADL, CNS, ILL, MEL, NZ, PER, SEM

PG: Melo Trimble (Melbourne) $1.59m

SG: Chris Goulding (Melbourne) $1.21m

SG: Corey Webster (New Zealand) $0.93m

SF: Scottie Hopson (New Zealand) $1.08m

PF/C: Shawn Long (Melbourne) $1.95m

PF/C: Rob Loe (New Zealand) $1.00m

Now for those you should be keen to oppose:

Look at starting to trade out Illawarra and Cairns players.

Most South East Melbourne Phoenix players, Creek the outlier.


Over the course of the week, we'll do our best to answer a number of questions on here each week. Throw up your question using #NBLFantasy or by tweeting one of us @cp_chalmers and @dean_zardo.


Obviously depends on team needs and what you're looking at when you're venturing forward through the rounds. However, if we're talking straight up one trade or the other for this week you would take Long to take the points off his potentially to secure two double doubles. Long term, I'm not against striking Creek when he's hot which will lead me to my next point.


You're spot on, his double, two single, double over the next four rounds is as good as it gets until Round 11. Point is, if you play your cards wrong and can't afford him come Round 11 when he (potentially) is $2m+ you'll be ripping up your NBL Fantasy tickets. There's dollars sucked into one player, however there were bold and brash owners paying dividends in seasons gone by paying the premium for Bogut and Ogilvy on singles scoring just as well as guys on doubles. Do you play safe or risky?


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