NBL Fantasy | Does Melbourne have the answer?

This weekly column is produced by Dean Zardo and Steve Chalmers.

It's not often we walk into a situation we walk into a situation where all three teams which played twice the week prior, none of those will play twice again this week.

In NBL terms, it's not often we're this deep into a season to find Melbourne United on their knees looking for answers.

Can they provide your NBL Fantasy answers as well?

Plenty of options will become available to you as we enter Round 18 of the NBL season with five teams on the double. However, the intriguing part of this week is that United are the only team left with two doubles this season.

Can you rely on them to produce for your squad?

Brisbane are back! Wait, Brisbane are back?

What a ride it's been for the Bullets this year. Two imports demoted to the bench, a Nathan Sobey and Cam Gliddon who just feel like they haven't fired. Matt Hodgson not quite living up to his potential and the list went on when the Bullets were losing games.

Suddenly, Will Magnay has given the Bullets new life and Lamar Patterson is leading the troops to a potential finals spot.

Patterson may have left his MVP run a little late (again), however he's very much made his mark in the fantasy world now averaging nearly 50 over his last five. Magnay's not far behind either! (47 avg over last five)

The Stars

Mitch Creek (South East Melbourne Phoenix)

He's been a little quiet as of late which has made a few owners disappointed, however for those who stuck by him (and potentially made him captain) were on top after Round 17 thanks to a competition high 112 fpoints.

The Value

Miles Plumlee (Perth Wildcats)

Easy one this week, imagine owning a $1m player who pops out a whopping 82 fpoints! 23 points and 18 rebounds for the former NBA player makes The Value add quite a simple one - the Wildcats are on the double this week too, who takes the risk?

Pressure Cooker

Mitch McCarron (Melbourne United)

Really, there shouldn't be many that can fit into this category to redeem themselves in such little time. However, with Melbourne's schedule being the best of the lot, the spotlight is well and truly on McCarron to not only turn his own fortunes around - but to turn his team around. Just 28 fpoint avg across his last three games.

Injury List

AdelaideRamone MooreShoulder - SeasonCairnsKouat NoiAnkle - Really, who knows now?Illawarra Aaron BrooksAchilles - SeasonLaMelo BallFoot - SeasonMelbourneCasey PratherHamstring - QuestionableNew ZealandGlen Rice Jr.Contract TerminatedCorey WebsterOn Loan - ChinaAter MajokAnkle - UnknownPerthDamian MartinHeel - 2 weeksSydneyCraig MollerAnkle - DoubtfulKevin LischAnkle - Test

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The Summary

So, you've come here for a reason haven't you? Who do you bring in for the next round? Let's make it simple, below are a few names (at different levels) who you can target:

Doubles in Round 18: ADL, ILL, MELB, NZ, PER

PG: Melo Trimble (Melbourne) $1.24m

SG: Bryce Cotton (Perth) $1.69m

SF/PF: Stanton Kidd (Melbourne) $0.9m

C: Brandon Ashley (New Zealand) $1.01m

C: Miles Plumlee (Perth) $1.04m

For those you should be keen to oppose

Bye bye Sydney Kings, you are done for the season. Your Xavier Cooks prototype could turn into a Brandon Ashley or Stanton Kidd - or you could choose to keep someone like him on your bench if you have multiple Kings. If you have players such as Jae'Sean Tate, Andrew Bogut, Casper Ware - these are the guys whom you'll see the back of.