NBL Fantasy | Beware the single doubles

This weekly column is produced by Dean Zardo and Steve Chalmers.


We start the week with a tweet.

It was a gross week for a few of us. Players who we had planned WEEKS (not the Jarrad type) in advance for in lieu of the decisive doubles, preparing to make our big move up the rankings really came back to bite owners in the behind thanks to a variety of reasons.

Andrew Bogut was managed in a 32-game season, while Sek Henry was a 98% chance (according to NZ Sky Sports presenter Huw Benyon) to miss both Breakers games.

Alas, we move on; there's plenty of meat still on the bone and everyone can really keep riding these Breakers boys because they are flying!

Breaking Hearts and Breaking Fantasy Numbers

How good are New Zealand going right now!?

After being in the headlines for a tumultuous season with the club looking at a grim future; how quickly can things turn around in the NBL!

Gunning for the NBL playoffs, the New Zealand Breakers look to be providing Fantasy owners an assist in terms of getting your respective squads to the post-season.

Scotty Hopson is the seasons' back-end MVP, while Finn Delany, Rob Loe and Tom Abercrombie are all in season best form.

They have only one game this week against a tough Perth outfit on the road, however they're back on deck in Round 18 with their final double.

The Stars

Jerome Randle (Adelaide 36ers)

Where was most of this Randle when Adelaide had a friendly schedule? There were many owners who were expecting to see this Jerome when the Sixers had four straight doubles, however it just wasn't to be his time. 78 fpoints all the while on triple double watch for the majority of the night - only to be let down (how did he not get there!?!?).

The Value

Xavier Cooks (Sydney Kings)

Those who went early here will be licking their lips. Andrew Bogut sits for a vast majority of games these days (if not the entire game) which allows Cooks to come in and whack away providing some valuable fantasy points in relative time inside a deep roster! Cooks will be a big bench player in the final three weeks for sure.

Pressure Cooker

Taylor Braun (Brisbane Bullets)

Brisbane, United and the Phoenix are the only three teams that have multiple double rounds left and therefore it's interesting to cast our eye over those franchises. Braun has really struggled averaging just 14 fpoints per game over his last six. Good luck finding form again this late into the season.

Injury List

AdelaideRamone MooreShoulder - SeasonCairnsKouat NoiAnkle - ProbableIllawarra Aaron BrooksAchilles - SeasonLaMelo BallFoot - SeasonMelbourneCasey PratherHamstring - QuestionableNew ZealandGlen Rice Jr.Contract TerminatedCorey WebsterOn Loan - ChinaAter MajokAnkle - UnknownPerthDamian MartinHeel - 1 week SydneyCraig MollerAnkle - TestKevin LischAnkle - Test

The Tweets

We see you! Anything that catches our eye, we'll attempt to share with all of our readers.





The Summary

So, you've come here for a reason haven't you? Who do you bring in for the next round? Let's make it simple, below are a few names (at different levels) who you can target:

Doubles in Round 17: BRIS, SEM, SYD

PG: John Roberson (South East Melbourne) $1.51m

PG: Casper Ware (Sydney) $1.14m

SG/SF: Mitch Creek (South East Melbourne) $1.63m

SG/SF: Lamar Patterson (Brisbane) $1.64m

SF/PF: Jae'Sean Tate (Sydney) $1.41m

PF: Xavier Cooks (Sydney) $1.03m

C: Dane Pineau (South East Melbourne) $1.35m

C: Will Magnay (Brisbane) $1.27m

For those you should be keen to oppose

If you have any of those remaining Taipans on board, now is the time for them to go. If you have any Illawarra Hawks who you do not plan on using as a key player next week, they should be on the list to move on. You'll probably need to find some money for a couple of key players next week so be wary of your bank roll.