NBL 2014/15 Power Rankings: October

At the end of each and every month of the NBL season, #TeamPnR’s NBL writers will sit down and explore a range of factors and end up with a list going 1 through 8 which ranks every team in the competition. At the end of October, the results are as follows:

1. Cairns Taipans (5-0)

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Set the standard so early on in the season. Coach Fearne has all of his players playing on the same level, led by new cult hero Scottie Wilbekin. When their bench gets it going each and every game thanks to the likes of Cameron Tragardh and Torrey Craig, the Snakes will be hard to stop for long stretches. How long can they stay unbeaten?

2. New Zealand Breakers (4-2)

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The Breakers made a statement in Round 1 when they knocked off the ‘Cats in their own building. From there things have slowed down a touch, as Cedric Jackson needs to find his feet again after struggling the past couple of games. Looks like Corey Webster is finally showing his full potential in the ‘ANBL’.

3. Perth Wildcats (3-1)

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Last year’s champs obviously had their championship hangover on day 1, however strong wins against Wollongong and Sydney (you know, THAT game) have the Wildcats back on the map. Damian Martin continues to be one of the cornerstones of the NBL, while new guy DeAndre Daniels is certainly holding his own.

4. Townsville Crocodiles (2-3)

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After coming off their Blitz championship, many expected big things from the Crocs. As we found out, the Crocs don’t do anything in ‘big’ ways, starting with their miniature new venue. Although, how could I forget, they signed a ‘big’ import (Gladness) who some could say is still ‘under’ performing. While their other import (Conklin) is on MVP pace which is a wonderful get for the swamp.

5. Adelaide 36ers (2-2)

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Two wins over the Crocs and Hawks bodes well for the Sixers who were poised to struggle throughout the season. Their two losses came against both 1 and 2 in our Power Rankings therefore they can’t be too down on themselves. While their record may show the team at .500, the Sixers are still hanging around and it will be interesting to see how they tussle with the other mid-table teams in the next period of games.

6. Sydney Kings (1-2)

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Josh Childress came to town and tore the competition to shreds in his debut. His latest cameo would be something he’d rather forget though. There have been other positives however; the development of Tommy Garlepp has come in leaps and bounds while Madgen continues to be one of their first options. On the flip side, Kendrick Perry could sure use a hand.

7. Melbourne United (1-3)

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Over-hyped, over-paid, over-this, over-that; is this the description Melbourne United are going to display throughout the entire season? With an uninspiring start to the new campaign, it took just one game for coach Anstey to resign. Interim head coach D-Mac hasn’t seemed to change much since his induction and at 1-3, Melbourne fans have many reasons to be worried about the rest of the season.

8. Wollongong Hawks (1-6)

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A season opening win over the Townsville Crocodiles and a two point loss to the undefeated Cairns Taipans are positives for the bottom ranked Hawks. The negatives are that besides their energetic backcourt duo, not much is happening at either end. They recently released Dave Gruber to bring back Rhys Martin, yet another guard. The Hawks need to find some interior defence, while at the same time need post scoring. The answer: Luke Nevill needs to lift.

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