NBL 2014/15: Hawks slump further into nest, place themselves into voluntary administration

Ever wanted to own an NBL club? Well, now is....kinda, sort of, nearly your chance.

The Wollongong Hawks have today announced that they will place themselves into voluntary administration.

After a horrid season both on and off the court, which started ever so brightly with new owner James Spenceley, the Hawks are really digging further into their own nest.

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With the ridiculous amount of build up for what was supposed to be Wollongong's greatest import of all time, turned out to be a 5 foot 10 sixth man who underwhelmed significantly certainly put the dent into proceedings very early on.

Shortly after surprisingly losing their major sponsor, the Hawks were looking for answers while their own court presence slumped to the bottom of the league table.

Spenceley was hopeful that placing this tag on the league's bottom feeders would spark something into potential investors around the community.

"There are a lot of businesses that make money in Wollongong but they don't seem to be keen on supporting the local team,

"We've approached every big business that we have a contact for but unfortunately no one has wanted to step up,

"It's really in the hands of the business community in Wollongong now." - Hawks owner James Spenceley

This shock announcement puts a huge dent into the NBL's aspirations of what was planned for next season.

A prosperous television deal may now be put on the shelf as emergency contacts will now need to be rallied in order to save not only the Wollongong club, but the league as a whole.

As rumours circle regarding Brisbane's downward spiraling chances of entering the league next season, the NBL will now need all hands on deck between clubs, players, fans and friends alike.

With a massive Grand Final series just days away, as the two best teams in the competition battle it out for grand supremacy, the league will need to make sure the focus is ultimately on the positives at hand with Cairns hosting the first of a possible three games starting Friday.