Mitch Creek's Timberwolves advance to Summer League semi-finals

Summer League may have ended for some of our Aussies, but for Mitch Creek, the tournament is still very much alive. The Minnesota Timberwolves continue their winning ways with 108-92 victory against the Dallas Mavericks, and advance to the semi-finals.

Creek had a very efficient 12 points (5/6 FG), 6 rebounds in the game. The forward had his excellent off-ball movement on full display this game, which included an easy basket under the rim, and a well-timed cut to the rim that resulted in a strong two-handed dunk - both courtesy of centre Naz Reid's excellent vision.

Some friendly banter went on between Creek and Kiwi Finn Delany, who hit some solid shots in today's game and ended with 8 points in almost 8 minutes of play.

Mitch Creek's Timberwolves will face off against Duop Reath's Brooklyn Nets next, on 14 July 2019 Sunday, 8pm ET. This will be 15 July 2019, Monday 10am AEST.