Mills points out secret to success in Oceania series

It's nothing new, and we've all heard it before.

Sometimes, the game comes down to that extra play. Think Chris Bosh's rebound in 2013, that led to the unforgettable Ray Allen game-tying 3-pointer.

And obviously, we all remember the countless hustle plays from Matthew Dellavedova during the recent NBA playoffs.

Patty Mills certainly feels the same way, when it comes to the one thing that could decide the series, and he trusts the team to know that too.

"When you put on the green and gold, and you understand what type of series this is. [It is] to make the Olympics," Mills explained. "The one thing that trumps all of that, those X's and O's, understanding defensive strategies, it's competing, and effort."

"It trumps all of that. You go out there, you play hard, you come out for a break. And then you go and do it again."

Against a well-prepared New Zealand team known for its tough play, the Boomers have to keep their competitive edge finely honed, and be prepared to not give an inch.

Mills is ready to go, and has offered reassurance on the oft-discussed shoulder.

"No restrictions on the shoulder," He confirmed. "The shoulder is what it is, and it's come a long way in the last couple of months, given the opportunity for me to look after it really well and rehab it. I went through that intense rehab the last couple of months. I'm prepared. I'm prepared for anything."

Coach Lemanis agreed on the guard's status, and was complimentary of his performance during the training session.

"Patty was great, and even better today. [Going] back into competitive basketball, [the physiotherapist]'s really happy with his ability to manage the load, contact and those sorts of things."

Having a healthy Patty Mills, a veteran who can lead the team by example at critical junctures, is a definite boon to the team. All that remains, is to await tip-off tomorrow and look forward to the contest.

Effort, and competitiveness. That's all we can hope for.