Matur Maker to bypass college, declare for NBA draft

It looks like we might have another Maker in the NBA, if things go well.

Like his brother, Thon Maker, Matur Maker has decided to turn pro, bypassing the college-to-pro route entirely.

Matur, who just turned 20, is currently enrolled at Mississauga Secondary School in Ontario, Canada, and is eligible for the NBA draft, being one year removed from his high school graduating class.

According to ESPN, Matur Maker and his guardian, Ed Smith had talked about the college option, but Smith ultimately decided that eligibility would be an issue.

"You are allotted a certain window to get all of your coursework done, and it took him longer," Smith told ESPN.

According to Matur, colleges like Kansas, Indiana and Oregon, who had initially pitched Matur on recruitment, stopped since he declared his interest to turn pro.

Smith (via Zagsblogs' Adam Zagoria), thinks the younger Maker will make an impression when NBA draft workouts begin, and used Milwaukee superstar, Giannis Antetokounmpo as an analogy of how Matur's transition to the NBA might be like.

“I’ve been around Giannis, just watching him the last couple years,” Smith said. “I went back and looked at his body and his tape and you see where the progression happened. He was a thin, lanky kid and came in to play multiple positions and, similar to Matur, is super-long. And he’s transitioned really well.”

Unlike his brother Thon, who fits more as a stretch five on NBA teams, Matur sees himself as a multi-positional player who can play anything from point guard to small forward, depending on the team's need.

“I play 1-3, defend 1-3 and maybe a little of the 4 depending on how big they are,” he said. “I can play on both ends right now.”

Matur Maker showcased his skills at the Adidas Nations competition earlier last year, scoring 31 points in a championship loss to Zion Williamson's USA Red team.

Matur's next appearance will be at the Gotham Hoops Classic on 20 Jan Australia time, in New York, where there will hopefully be NBA scouts in attendance.

The NBA draft will happen on 22 June Australia time.