LSU's Australian duo reacts to Kentucky's signing of Isaac Humphries

With Ben Simmons and Darcy Malone currently on an Australian tour with Louisiana State University (LSU), we had the opportunity to gauge their thoughts on Isaac Humphries' signing with the University of Kentucky - a fellow Southeastern Conference program.

Ben Simmons, coach Johnny Jones and Darcy Malone | Photo credit: Jasper Cicero, LSU Basketball

Ben Simmons, a probable one-and-done talent, has just one focus - winning. Speaking with The Age Sport's Roy Ward, Simmons offered his praise of Humphries, but has made it clear that his goal is to win as many games as possible in his short time at LSU.

I'm ready to play against everybody - I'm just trying to win and that's the focus for me.

It's good for him, he is doing well but, you know, when we play him, then it's going to be serious - no games there.

Isaac Humphries' signing with Kentucky was officially announced late last night

Isaac Humphries' signing with Kentucky was officially announced late last night

Darcy Malone, the Canberra-born 7-footer entering his junior year at LSU, mentioned the signing as a boost for basketball in Australia, but also provided the same competitive sentiment as his teammate.

I think it'll be good for Australian basketball to have another guy who's highly touted. I think it's great for Basketball Australia to have guys at high level schools like LSU and Kentucky - but I hope we kick their ass, that's all I'm thinking about.

Them's fighting words!

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Tuesday, January 5th, 2016: Kentucky @ LSU

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