Logue: Luc Longley exits Boomers coaching role

According a report released on Thursday evening by The Daily Telegraph's Matt Logue, Longley has decided to make an early departure from his role as Boomers assistant coach, despite having a year left on his contract.

“We’ve always asked the team to make sacrifices — well this is a sacrifice that I felt like I had to make for the Boomers’ next transition.

“I think a clean break from the previous staff is what we’re after, as opposed to a half-pregnant situation where there are echoes of stuff," Longley said. “I feel that the group deserves and needs a fresh twist leading into this golden moment in time for the Boomers with Brett [Brown] coming onboard."

During an earlier teleconference to Australian media, newly appointed Boomers head coach, Brett Brown had confirmed that there would be changes in the coaching roster.

"It’s gonna be important for me to surround myself with people that talk my talk, that know what I think, that can be an extension of me. I want that same line of trying to make sure that you can contribute and continue helping young Australian coaches, or Australia coaches. That sort of ecosystem, it’s a little bit delicate, given that this is my 20th year in the NBA, and I have been removed from Australia for a while now."

Coupled with Longley's words, it sounds like more transition from the Boomers coaching staff that had participated in the recent FIBA World Cup, might be on the way.

Longley also commented on the Boomers' achievements during his tenure, and his pride in being involved.

“It has been seven very busy years and I’m proud to have gone from 10th to third in the world rankings. I would have loved a medal but when the Boomers get a medal, I will still feel like it is partly mine.”

Compliments were also paid to the strength of character exiting Boomers head coach, Andrej Lemanis exhibited in his tenure.

“I think Andrej has been amazing,” the former Chicago Bull big man said. “The only reason I was involved in the Boomers is because he stands by his word and he is a principled coach. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but I respect his strengths a lot.”

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