Joel Embiid's call for Ben Simmons to make All-Star roster unheeded

Joel Embiid is just like the rest of Australia, he wants Ben Simmons to be an All-Star.

Speaking after the Philadelphia 76ers' victory over the Washington Wizards earlier in the week, Embiid emphatically stated who he thought should replace the injured Kristaps Porzingis.

“My teammate,” Embiid proclaimed. “Of course, my teammate.”

From there, Embiid doubled down with some exotic language to boot.

“I hope they don’t do the same bullshit, the same mistake they have been doing before with the last injury replacement. I think he deserves it.

“He’s been playing well the whole season. He’s been a beast lately. I think he deserves that spot. There are a lot of great players in this league but I think he deserves it.”

There has been a massive debate in Australia as to whether Simmons was snubbed from the All-Star roster in the first place. With another spot available, the never-ending saga that is Simmons’ All-Star campaign took yet another hit, as Kemba Walker was named as a replacement for Porzingis.

While there are many basketball reasons why Simmons should be selected to join Embiid as an All-Star – as we have previously explored - there is a great reason that has nothing to do with basketball. Embiid needs a dance partner in Los Angeles.

“It would be good for me to have another teammate. They told me that I am going to have to dance in front of everybody so it would be great to have another teammate next to me, dancing with me so I don’t get scared.”

Ben & JoJo the dancing duo, it sure sure sounds like a great tag team. Hopefully we will get to see this come to fruition one day.

A replacement was needed because Porzingis, the third year Knicks big man, suffered a season ending ACL tear against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Porzingis landed on Giannis Antetokounmpo's foot after converting a dunk, with his ankle and knee appearing to buckle on impact with the floor. Porzingis immediately grabbed his left knee after landing and was writhing in pain as he was helped off the floor. Embiid was sympathetic to Porzingis postgame, wishing the Latvian a speedy recovery.

Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks was lavish with praise for Simmons during his pre-game availability, adding further credence to the All-Star debate. “He’s on his way to being an All-Star for a lot of years,” Brooks said when discussing Simmons.

The 76ers defeated the Wizards 115-102 that night; Simmons finished with 15 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds in 36 minutes.