Aussies in the NBA: Ingles talks injury, Hayward's perfect hair on 1280 The Zone

Joe Ingles, who is a regular at the Zone Sports Radio Network in SLC, made his weekly appearance recently and discussed a range of topics with hosts DJ & PK (David James and Patrick Kinahan). Click on the above audio player to listen to the interview, or head over to the original DJ & PK episode and check it out.

Here are some of the more interesting tidbits:

The actual replay on Ingles' recent back injury

"To be honest, I had no idea. I've never done anything with my back before.

I was just running down the court and it got really really tight all of a sudden, and I literally couldn't move. I tried a couple more possessions and I think Dante was trying to sub me out, and I kinda waved him off and said, "nah, nah I was fine" and went one more possession.

And the possession I played, I got switched onto Isiah Thomas, who's not the tallest or slowest guy going around. I tried to defend him for one play and I couldn't bend down, couldn't move. So they took me down to the locker room and tried to stretch it out, put some heat on it. It just wouldn't... it was just like, it was just all locked up. I felt like they had tied a bunch of knots in whatever muscles and ligaments and stuff I had in my back and I just felt like, I couldn't move."

Plans for the All-Star break

Ingles is planning to get away to his "secret destination" (later revealed as San Francisco) and "get away from Utah for a couple of days to freshen up", while receiving treatment.

How his back feels right now

"I mean, if we had to play tomorrow I could probably play. So it's more of just, getting some basketball back in me. And I'll be wearing a brace around my back so it's actually made my lower back and hips and stomach all kind of weak. So, just getting that strength back in me a little bit more."

On Steve Novak's impact to the game

"I feel bad. I feel like I've been holding him back. As soon as I was out he went and made 4/5 in one game and 4/6 last night. I went and apologised to him for holding him back after the game. I think everyone knows Steve and what he does and what he does best, and that's shooting the basketball. Remember we've seen it in practice, we've all shot against him for little wagers and lost. It's a pretty amazing thing really. I've never played with a guy who, literally everytime he shoots, it looks like it's going in.

It's a credit to him to not play for X amount of months and come out there. He said he felt pretty terrible the first game, but then the next two he obviously showed it, got his legs under him a little bit, showed what he can do and how valuable he is to this team."

The below excerpts are less about Ingles, but really serve to show off his droll sense of humour.

On Ingles' celebrity/superstar level in Australia

"Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal. I mean, obviously you don't like talking about yourself a lot, but I am a big deal but it's just the way it is. Dante's only 19, Andrew Bogut's been overseas for so long, there's no one else to really support, so I guess. This is my first year actually over here and I've spent a lot of time in Australia... so nah that's all a lie."

I can totally imagine Ingles saying all of the above with a straight face. He went on to explain that people might remember him more from his playing days in Australia (South Dragons!), compared to others who might have gone to college since their younger days.

His preferred celebrity category? Above Iggy Azalea, and just under Russell Crowe. That's not a bad place to be in I reckon.

About the trade situation in the NBA

Joe professes to this scene being a new thing, as players do not get traded in Europe. They get cut, and the club has to pay regardless. He prefers not to get involved, and that the "good little Australian living in Utah will just mind his own business and keep on chuggin' along."

Brilliant imagery, and so very true. Sometimes, it's just best to put your head down and do the best you can at your job, rather than worrying about circumstances that are out of your control.

On Gordon Hayward's haircut

This has got to be the funniest anecdote about Gordon Hayward and his hair yet.

Gordon Hayward's hair belongs on the pitch in Europe.

— Chris Bleck (@chrisbleck) November 16, 2014

I'm gonna give you a little insight on his haircut and how long and silly it is.

In this last trip, we were rooming right next to each other, our rooms are basically joined. We had an adjoining door which we opened a couple of times to talk to each other.

But yesterday, he went to sleep for a little pregame nap. I got up, and it was half an hour before we had to leave and I went to the bathroom. And as I was passing through the little corridor to get to my bathroom, I could hear all this noise in his room. I thought, I hope he's all right. He's been away from his wife for a while, I hope he's not sad and he's not feeling upset or whatever.

And I put my ear kinda next to the door to hear it was... and it was the hairdryer going.

So I've never... (chuckles) seen a man use a hairdryer before, and I knocked on the door to try and see a man use a hairdryer. So he was in there, I don't know what he was doing. I did see the day before that he had like seven different hair products and a little comb. And the hair, obviously now with the hairdryer. and it's pretty obvious how much he likes his hair.

And I think if you watch him during the game, it doesn't move. I don't know how it's possible, but it actually doesn't move.

After nearly three quarters of play, Gordon Hayward's hair still looks terrific.

— Bear Heiser (@BearHeiser) December 30, 2014

What fiancée Renae Hallinan thinks about Ingles & facial hair

Ingles commented on how Renae "hates beards", which is part of the reason he grows it when he's here in the NBA, and quipped that he "might be looking like a werewolf or something" by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, we're talking about the internet here, and Renae did listen to the show. Here's what she tweeted to correct the stand:

@1280sports DJ & PK.. My fiancé seems to be leading you astray! Facial hair... All good, bearded bear... Not so good @Joeingles7

— Renae Hallinan (@RenaeHallinan) February 12, 2015

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