Joe Ingles versus Grill'd: An epic HORSE game in the making?

What began as a rather innocuous remark, is heating up into a game of HORSE, with burgers (what else?) at stake.

Earlier in the day, Joe Ingles tweeted about Hunky Dory being the best place to eat in Melbourne.

A casual suggestion on Grill'd burgers was vetoed by Jingles, without hesitation. The Grill'd social media team took the unintended slight to heart, and proceeded to throw the gauntlet down.

A game of HORSE against a professional NBA basketball player. Really.

At that point, Ingles decided to up the ante, big time.

A lifetime supply of burgers, versus a day of Jingles' autographs and 1-on-1 with the fans? Surely Ingles would be keen to have a crack at winning this.

HIBIS Sports --which represents Ingles-- got into the banter as well. It felt like things were getting real.

The sky high stakes abruptly fizzled, when Grill'd offered lunch for both Ingles over the original wager.

@Joeingles7 we'll wager lunch for you and @RenaeIngles but we might have to call in some help #gameon

— Grill'd Burgers (@GrilldBurgers) May 18, 2016

Too early to tell how this goes, but there could be some interesting stuff in the making for basketball fans in Melbourne. Stay tuned as the saga unfolds.