Jock Landale's Summer League run is building a strong case towards NBA deal

The Summer League Milwaukee Bucks took an emphatic 84-67 victory over China today, and Jock Landale led the way. He made the start, and scored 23 points (9/15 FG, 3/5 3P), along with 2 rebounds and a steal in approximately 23 minutes of playing time.

It's not just this one game though. Gone is the shakiness from last year; Landale has consistently shown that he's a capable big man who moves decisively off-ball, be it slipping a screen and rolling to the basket, or stepping up to hit a three when opportunity presents itself.

"It's definitely changed to more of a spread game," Landale shared post-game. "It was something I didn't have in college at all. I think I shot like, 8 threes in college. It's something that I learnt I had to develop, and my club in Serbia did a great job in teaching me that."

At the same time, Landale's lost none of his low post scoring. The former Gael's evolution could be in a way likened to Brook Lopez, who has been a traditional big man with interior scoring skills, but expanded his skillset to become a perimeter shooter.

Jock Landale's Summer League numbers have been impressive so far. As The Pick and Roll's Kane Pitman notes, despite the Bucks' limited need to add a deep-shooting centre, Landale's made 47% (8 of 17) of his three-pointers, and consistent shooting is a valuable NBA skill among big men. NBA teams looking for a spacer in a five-out offence could very well pick the big man up.

Through four games, the big man has averaged 18.3 points, 7 rebounds and 1.3 assists a game, which is excellent consistency by any measure.

Landale also expressed to Liam Santamaria, his desire to get a full-time contract, over a two-way deal.

"[A two-way] isn't something I'll probably go for. I told my agent I want to stick in Europe until a full contract comes around... if a full contract comes around we'll roll with it, but a two-way probably isn't something I want to get involved with. It's nothing against it, just a preference."