Harry Froling will miss Summer League, cites NBL contract limitations

Harry Froling confirmed that he will not be committing to the 2019 NBA Summer League.

The Adelaide 36ers big man, who will be joining the Southern Huskies in NZNBL, cited NBL contractual reasons as a factor, that held him back from committing to NBA opportunities this year.

"I was meant to do Summer League... a chance of getting drafted, but some of my contract restrictions stopped me from doing Summer League," Froling shared in an interview last night.

"We're in the works with all that, but Summer League wasn't going to happen this year, we're going to have to it next year, just because of the restrictions on my NBL contract."


Froling also clarified that his contract with the Adelaide 36ers limited him to commitment with full NBA contracts, and that G League and two-way deals were not an option.

It's worth noting that the contract itself technically isn't preventing Froling from actual participation in the actual 2019 NBA Summer League games. The limitation is on resulting opportunities from Summer League play (ie two-way deals and G League), given chances of a full-time NBA contract would be low.

Update: Froling has made it clear that the NBL and the 36ers have not stopped him from pursuing his goal to play in the NBA.


Olgun Uluc has also confirmed the fault lay elsewhere, not with the team.


It makes more sense for Froling to re-engage in Summer League in 2020, when his NBL contract with the Adelaide 36ers expires.

"When that Adelaide contract's done, I'll be good to go next year. So I'm just excited to be here, get started and then go to Adelaide, start preseason after this so it'll be really good."

Froling had originally planned to commit to the 2020 draft, but became an automatic 2019 entrant due to his time in the US during college, and not an international draftee.