From California to Arizona: Makur Maker to finish season out at Hill Prep

Makur Maker will be leaving Center of International Basketball Academy (CIBA) at Pacific Academy in Irvine, California. The reason? He's transferring to Hillcrest Prep in Phoenix, Arizona.

Maker's transfer is effectively immediately, his guardian Ed Smith confirmed, and the 6'11 Sudanese-Australian will join Hillcrest Prep for the Chick-fil-A Classic in South Carolina this week. Hillcrest Prep was recently coached by former NBA player Mike Bibby, who led the team through ten games --including an eight-win record-- before his departure in early December. Makur Maker's addition to the team, will strengthen their talented roster further, which includes top prospects like 6'10 power forward Sadraque Nganga (class of 2022), 6'6 forward Dalen Terry (class of 2020), 6'9 power forward Michael Foster Jr (class of 2021) and more.

Prior to this decision, Maker had been participating in the Tarkanian Classic in Las Vegas, with his latest game played against fellow NBA prospect Kai Sotto, who received positive critique via's Eric Bossi. Maker ended the game on a 4/18 shooting performance, with his team CIBA losing to Sotto's The Skill Factory (TSF) 37-69.

An earlier grade 2 ankle sprain had kept Maker out of action for a month, but he was cleared for on-court activities last week, according to guardian Ed Smith.

Maker's qualification status for the 2020 NBA draft remains unclear, and it could depend on the league's definition of his tenure at high school, be it basketball years (four), or actual attendance (five).

“The question is, for the league, is that if his clock did start at that period of time [his first season], even though he was injured — it was like a redshirt year — is this really your fifth year, even though it’s your fourth year of play? That’s the question. That’s really the question here. … If you’re injured, does your clock keep going and you don’t play? But you physically are in school?” guardian, Ed Smith said in November.

“Is it a playing thing – are they saying you have to play four years? That’s our question that we need answered. So we know where his start date is, but if it’s based on his start date, then he is eligible for the draft. If it’s based on that. But if it’s based on the number of years that you play within that period of time, then he won’t be. But if he is eligible, he has everything in front of him.”