The Europe experience: William McDowell-White on how Germany changed his basketball perspective

It's too early to say if Queenslander William McDowell-White will hear his name called tomorrow during the 2019 NBA draft, but one thing is certain - his Europe journey has set him aside in terms of personal growth.

"Within two months there with the first head coach, it totally changed my game in the way I even look at basketball," McDowell-White said. "They just simplify the game so much over there. It really shows when guys come over to the NBA from Europe.

"... you've got video [sessions], you've got to be in an hour before practice. You've got individuals [workouts], you've just got so much going on. Especially in my situation, I was in two teams, so I was doing three, four practices a day and you kind of learn how to manage your time and get the most rest you can, which I think I did pretty well."

In an exclusive with NBA Australia, McDowell-White talked about how his time in Germany with the Baunach Young Pikes was the best decision he'd made, and how it taught him professionalism.

The point guard is one of three Australians in tomorrow's draft, alongside Matur Maker and Harry Froling, and is understandably proud of how Australia's return to glory as a basketball nation.

"You know, even 10 years ago you wouldn't even really look at Australia as a basketball country. Now you've got scouts flying over there all year round, and you can really thank Terrance [Ferguson] for starting that trend and then you even have Brian Bowen last season and now with RJ [Hampton] who's a top-five prospect for the draft next year.

"It just shows how much it's grown, and how much better as a country we've got. And then to get guys over to Europe that's considered the second highest league in the world so it just shows how much we've improved."

The 2019 NBA draft begins tomorrow, 21 June 2019 at 0900 AEST.

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