EuroLeague loss fuels Brock Motum for Boomers World Cup campaign

Brock Motum is the boy from Brisbane turned Boomer who came so close to becoming the latest Aussie to win the EuroLeague title since Joe Ingles. His Turkish League team, Anadolu Efes Istanbul, going down to CSKA Moscow in the final.

“We were that close to winning the EuroLeague which would have been massive but to get to the Final of the league was a huge accomplishment,” Motum explained in speaking with The Pick and Roll.

“It was an amazing experience!

"Last year it was pretty miserable because we came last in the EuroLeague and didn’t win too many games. This year it was a big turnaround as we made the playoffs, the Final Four, and unfortunately CSKA Moscow on the day were better than us. They were on fire from the three and just played better than us.”

Although falling short in one of the biggest games of the European season, the power forward remained positive that his team will now challenge for the Turkish League championship.

“I just got back from the Final Four and we had our first Turkish League playoff game last night.”

Motum is unsure of how much court time he will see during these playoffs however, as only five foreigners can play in Turkish League games while there are nine on the team roster.

“We will have to see what roster the coach goes with for these games but I think it will chop and change through the playoffs based on match-ups.”

The Australian hoops star was relegated to the sidelines for five weeks prior to his Final Four appearances due to injury but is happy with how his body is feeling now.

“It feels great! It was just a freak accident where I hurt my hamstring in a Turkish League game. It was a strange play, going up for a dunk and I got taken out and my leg landed awkwardly and made my hamstring go. I had to take some time rehabbing that and it was pretty painful watching the playoffs from the sideline but I made it back for the final four and my body is back to 100 per cent.”

Motum has been named to the preliminary Boomers squad for the upcoming 2019 FIBA World Cup among a growing number of Australian NBA stars. The Rio disappointment and EuroLeague loss, only further fuelling the fire for Motum to deliver the Boomers an elusive first senior men's medal on the world stage.

“Looking forward to a lot. It will be awesome to get back into camp and get ready for the World Cup.

"It’s a very strong squad – like everyone expected I think! A lot of big names who have played together before but also with some new faces. So it will be good to get back together as a group.”

Coming out of contract with Efes at the end of the season, Motum explained that he was considering his playing options as to what would be his next challenge from the World Cup.

“The plan will be to go home, reassess the things I have to work on after I look at the past year. We will see what next year will hold in terms of the team I play for, but the biggest thing is getting ready for the [Boomers] camp, the World Cup and everything that goes with that.

“Nothing is certain yet [contract offers], but there is definitely interest there – we will see. My agent has said there is some interest from the States but I guess we will have to weigh that up compared to the interest from Europe.

“It will all become clearer in the next month or so.”