Dellavedova in the NBL: "I have thought about it"

Matthew Dellavedova has laid claims that he has thought about the prospect of finishing his basketball career in Australia.

After signing a 4-year, $38 million (US) deal last year with the Milwaukee Bucks, Dellavedova still has a long and prosperous career in the NBA currently teaming up with rising star Giannis Antetekoumpo and fellow Australian Thon Maker.

However, while currently visiting Melbourne, Dellavedova told media that he could see himself, one day, playing in the NBL.

"I think it'd be cool to play in front of family and friends and live in Australia again after being away for so long," Dellavedova told ESPN during the week.

"I want to play for as long as I can because I love the game ... I definitely want to play in the NBA as long as I can, and for the Boomers of course ... but I have thought about [playing in the NBL later in my career], and I would like to if my body is still feeling good and if a team wants me.

"I look at what Dave Andersen has done and a few of the other guys who have played in Europe for a long time, who have come back to the NBL and, [it's] especially [attractive] being a shorter season."

A signature like Delly's in the NBL would be one of the highlights, if not, the highlight, of the NBL's recent resurgence.

Going from strength-to-strength, the current state of Australia's top domestic men's league is arguably at an all-time high, with strong comments from players playing abroad further enhancing what NBL Executive Larry Kestelman and his staff are trying to achieve.

"We've had pretty strong support from the NBA guys -- we totally respect their desire to play at the highest level and achieve everything they can overseas. But our goal is to get every great Australian basketballer playing back here. We want them all when they're ready to come back," Kestelman told ESPN.

Dellavedova, much like Boomers teammate Patty Mills, has always kept his roots close to his heart - giving back to Australian basketball as much as he can.

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"I want to see the NBL doing well because it's great for basketball in Australia. We [Australian players] all want the NBL to be doing well because we care about basketball in Australia and we want to help grow the game for the kids who are playing and supporting it," said Dellavedova.

As for now, all we can do is continue to see Delly's incredible rise as a kid from Maryborough does his country proud in every possible way, be it in a Bucks or Boomers uniform.

The NBL is expected to make an announcement further strengthening their relationship with the NBA later next week.